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By Eva Fydrych

Photos courtesy of SHE·SAID·YES

As we continue featuring various brands and retailers, today we would like to introduce you to SHE·SAID·YES. Their beautiful bridal jewellery will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Many clients all over the world have put their trust into those state-of-the-art, handcrafted products and you can see what they think about the brand by reading shesaidyes reviews.

Today, we are going to show you our favourite products and also talk a little bit more about top jewellery trends for 2021.

"You Are My Life" Marquise Cut 2pcs Bridal Set (Photo courtesy of SHE·SAID·YES)

SHE·SAID·YES is a global leader in high-end jewellery. The brand was founded in 1997 so they already have a lot of experience on the market delivering gorgeous moissanite bridal sets and other types of jewellery to their customers. Over the years, they established solid reputation for superior quality, developed a full range of customised services, and managed to keep competitive prices. That's why their customer base is always growing.

"You Are My Life" Marquise Cut 2pcs Bridal Set (Photo courtesy of SHE·SAID·YES)

Matching wedding rings are one of the most popular 2021 jewellery trends and there are several advantages of buying a bridal set instead of two separate rings. 

If you invest in a matching rings set you can be sure that your wedding ring will fit correctly with your engagement ring and the style and colour will be exactly the same. It is the easiest way to avoid any mistakes and end up with two rings that simply don't go together.

Bridal sets are made at the same time so there will be no surprises along the way: you can be sure that the rings match perfectly and will look as good as possible while you wear themtogether or separately. 

Step 1 - Select you engagement ring (Photo courtesy of SHE·SAID·YES) Click to enlarge

Step 2 - Match your wedding ring (Photo courtesy of SHE·SAID·YES)

SHE·SAID·YES has a very fun and helpful feature on their website. First, you select your engagement ring (as in the first picture above), then you look for a suitable wedding ring and drag it over to see how the set looks together (picture 2). This simple, yet super useful website feature allows you to quickly compare various rings and decide which set is most suitable for your needs.

It's actually very hard to visualise various rings together if you don't see them side by side. SHE·SAID·YES matching tool makes the whole process a lot less complicated (and also super fun).

After you selected both rings, you just add them individually to your cart and you are ready to place the order.

SHE·SAID·YES also offers a selection of fashion jewellery including elegant bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even men's jewellery. They have some great gift ideas for various occasions such as Father's Day, birthday, graduation, prom, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. You can visit their website next time you run out of gift ideas and need some help in choosing the right item.

Below you can find a couple of our recommended pieces for 2021:

"Little Stars" Round Cut Necklace (Photo courtesy of SHE·SAID·YES)

"Little Stars" Round Cut Necklace (Photo courtesy of SHE·SAID·YES)

"Fall Into Beauty" Ear Climbers (Photo courtesy of SHE·SAID·YES)

"Fall Into Beauty" Ear Climbers (Photo courtesy of SHE·SAID·YES)

We love the simple yet sophisticated style of those pieces. Happy shopping!

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