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during the pandemic

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SHENZHEN, China - Since 2020, companies have evolved to include remote work in their routines because of COVID-19. Some of us are struggling with the inefficiency of remote work. Solution? Coolpo Hybrid video conferencing.

Here are 3 tips on how to run a perfect hybrid video conference:

1. Test Technology in Advance

Most meetings are scheduled, at the start of the day and right before a meeting, make sure to test all technologies to be used. And it is more convenient if you have a piece of all-in-one equipment that captures the entire conference room including components for speakers and microphones and whiteboard so that you can easily perform a convenient equipment check.

2. Ensure a reliable high-speed internet connection

No one ever complained of the internet being "too fast". Most of our daily lives now depend on speedy internet connection. Moreover, some conferencing cameras may offer 4K HD resolutions but this would also require network speeds that could enable the feature.

3. Use AI panoramic technology to get the most out of your hybrid video conference

Business Conferencing Solution Coolpo PANA (Photo: Business Wire)

The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana Conferencing Camera lets you see the entire conference room in its entirety, allowing remote participants to see live reactions and have live interactions with in-room colleagues. Having this much to see using one camera minimizes the sense of isolation that comes with being a remote attendee. The camera also keeps track of the last three speakers by zooming in on them and showing them at the top of the screen. To aid you in having the perfect hybrid video conference, Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is all-in-one equipment that has all basic video conferencing necessities:

  • 360-degree horizontal view
  • 60-degree vertical field of view
  • Smart self-adaptive 4K Camera
  • 4 microphones that pick up participants within 15 feet
  • 75 x 120mm all-surrounded speaker with clear sound
  • Whiteboard


Companies continuously pull efforts to ensure that everything runs perfectly during conferences: cameras, electric wirings, and the whole shebang. Despite this, continuous improvement is still indispensable to be able to “perfect” the skills necessary. With the volume of hybrid meetings the world is having these days, the high-end Coolpo AI conferencing camera is definitely current best choice for helping people conduct a perfect hybrid video conference.

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