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By Alycia Gordan

to Help You Deal with Your Baggage

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Your airport look has to be cool, chic, and ultra fab. Even if you are traveling domestically, you must make a statement as you step into the new city.

Now imagine that you wear a superb outfit and amazing sneakers. However, as you show up there, your suitcase keeps falling. Or maybe, its wheel breaks off. In such a scenario, your entire outlook game goes down the drain.

We recommend all our readers out there to pay extra attention to bags when traveling. Here is the list of travel bags to help with your baggage:

1. Travel backpack

Travel backpack, also called the travel pack, is quite popular among backpackers. It has the same structure as a regular rucksack. The only difference is that it has zip shoulder straps, hip belts, and various compartments to keep valuables.

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Travel packs are a great alternative to traditional luggage in terms of versatility. On the flip side, conventional rolling suitcases are incredible for flat surfaces in long airport corridors. But as soon as you are on the rough terrain, carrying bags becomes a chore. Travel packs are adaptable enough to transition to your destination.

  • Easy to carry, especially when you're on stairs or a rough road
  • Even distribution of weight on both shoulders makes it comfortable throughout

  • There are chances of it straining your back and affecting your posture
  • You may experience discomfort and inflammation if shoulder straps are not padded

2. Wheeled backpack

This is the best option if a traveler is moving with heavy luggage. It is generally more spacious and carries more items than your regular backpack. It has wheels and shoulder straps. So, you can choose the carrying method as per requirements.

You can drag it at the airport and hang it on your shoulders when maneuvering through a crowded place.

  • Twin options make it a flexible choice
  • It is made of rigid materials to increase the durability

  • It isn't as comfortable as the conventional backpack
  • It is heavier than other backpacks due to in-built wheels and a stand

3. Hardside bag with spinner wheels

Delsey Shadow 5.0 Hardside Luggage Collection (Photo courtesy of Macy's)

When you hunt to find new luggage, this hard side bag with spinner wheels will surely steal your eyeballs at the store. It is more comfortable to drag around because rolling this piece is quite easy.

Moreover, you can use packing cubes for organizing your stuff. The surface is sturdy as it is made with a combination of nylon and polyester. This increases the durability and weather resistance of the bag.

  • It is available in various sizes and organized into compartments for storing different items
  • The spinner wheels allow rolling it easy on different types of roads
  • It is more durable than other bags because of its rigid material composition

  • The shape makes it tough to store or keep it in the trunk/overhead airplane compartments

4. Travel tote

Lessons in Geometry - Artwork by Eva F. AOP Tote Bag (Photo courtesy of The Black Widow)

Travel totes are your ultimate companion during long journeys. It is close to impossible to open your suitcases at the airport and find the stuff you need. A rather smart move would be to keep your much-needed items in a travel tote.

Make sure that you find a piece made of soft leather. Also, check all the zips in the bag to ensure all your items are easily accessible. Generally, ladies prefer to keep their sunscreen, wallet, makeup, and a whole load of snacks in the tote.

In case you plan to send it as a present to your better half, find a women's leather wallet in the same design as the tote. She will be all smiles and think of you every time she uses the two items!

  • The extra space makes it easy to keep all necessary things

  • There is plenty of space, so you may need to dig every time you are looking for something

5. Messenger bag

Also known as the shoulder bag, a messenger bag helps people make the ultimate fashion statement at airports and workplaces.

These are simple and small bags that you can strap across your shoulders. Some models in this bag are complicated with extra pockets and one big pocket. Such types can be helpful to carry a camera and its accessories.

  • Easy access to all the items as you just swing it around and take out your stuff
  • It is more formal than backpacks so that you can take it to your workplace without hesitation
  • Safer than other bag types because all items are in different pockets

  • It could put a strain on your shoulder as you have to carry it on one side only

6. Laptop bags

Alexander Wang Elite Laptop Shoulder Bag (Photo courtesy of CETTIRE)

Travelers going for a business meeting usually have a few essentials. A laptop is one such essential they must carry on the go. It helps to store tablets, laptops, and all other electronic devices.

Typically, a laptop bag has one shoulder strap, but you can find one with multiple straps too. The hardback helps to keep devices scratch-free and safe with the zipped liner compartment.

  • This bag makes it easy to carry all your necessities
  • You can access laptop and start work whenever you are free during travel

  • Carrying a suitcase along could be a hassle

7. Garment bag

Garment bags are designed with soft material and a zipper down the middle. You can transport jackets, suits, and dresses without wrinkling or staining them. It is best if you have a work meeting or a party to attend at the destination.

  • There is no need to get your fancy clothes dry cleaned or ironed when you are at the other end

  • It could be a nuisance to carry this around as sometimes clothes won't fit in
  • Some airlines won't allow carrying these bags

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Parting Thoughts

Over to you!

Are you a travel bag aficionado? Share your best tips to find the perfect travel bag. Leave a comment and let other people travel easily!

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