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Agency Profile

Photos courtesy of FORMA MODELS

We are a Mother Agency with quality and a broad trajectory of years in the world of modeling at national and international level, showing high standards of effectiveness and efficiency in our company. 

We are ready to be a coach, a guide, and even a father in the world of cameras! We are characterized by our righteousness, commitment, and performance, and one proof of this is that the people who came to us were able to participate in the fashion weeks of New York, Paris, Milan, and London, and not only that, but they showed talent, skill and dedication, all with the help of our partners and our advice on how to build your image in the world of modeling.

FORMA MODELS has been on the market since 2009, having more than ten years in the world of fashion and our main office is in New York, USA, but our ties are not limited to the United States of America, we have partners in absolutely the whole world, as we mentioned before, this will give you even more opportunities to reveal your potential and grow personally in many ways. With all the above, we can assure you that our team will be promoting you in the global market, through agencies, other websites, and magazines, seeking benefits in the best terms. We have many connections with model agencies in a variety of countries. Which means you can develop your career around the world, making you a model of success. 

ELENA M (Photo courtesy of FORMA MODELS)

Today, we are aware that without a Mother Agency, it is difficult to find work and it is even more difficult to start cooperating with different prestigious companies. So, we advise you to trust us to fulfill all your goals and purposes. We are very aware of the importance of the individual approach; therefore, FORMA MODELS will analyze your experience and level to find the agencies where you need most, bearing in mind that we will support you in various ways so that you can grow in the world of modeling.

It is beneficial for you to develop and have a valuable experience, so we aim to meet the needs of our models and in turn that of our clients, putting them to the order of different agencies which promise to integrate new talents in catwalk, photography, protocol, among others, fulfilling responsibly and 100%, for this we have the quality of a team of highly trained professionals in the world of fashion.

We clarify that we understand how important all this is for each customer’s personal brand. So even beginner models will be able to appear on the cover of magazines. A dream comes true!

LIA (Photo courtesy of FORMA MODELS)

Do you want to know how we will help you succeed? Here we tell you!

1. We will teach you and tell you what it means to be a model. We will advise you and tell you how to act in different situations, thus helping aspiring models.

2. We will get you a model agency with the best offer and we will check and study the contract to make you famous.

3. We will post your photos and questionnaire on our website. And thanks to our connections, many potential agents and advocates will see them!

Photo courtesy of FORMA MODELS (Click to enlarge)

4. We will help you build your modeling image: pick up clothes, shoes, skincare, hair, etc.

5. We will learn to behave professionally and fulfill the contract.

6. We will negotiate with a potential and fully trained agent in the fashion world.

7. We will introduce you to the best photographers, who will help you create a quality portfolio  a visit card  for every model.

8. We will help you get on the cover of the magazine and put information on the Internet on those sites where your potential employers see it, as well as helping you to be famous in this world.

Photo courtesy of FORMA MODELS

Irina Proskurina CEO FORMA MODELS

Irina Proskurina runs our company, a model of international level and not only that but the best that have ever existed. She works in Europe, Asia, USA. The United States, demonstrating one of the best performances you could imagine, making it a world-class model and entrepreneur. As if this were not enough, we tell you that she has a series of world brands that are very prestigious, known, and respected, these are Armani, Max Mara, Hugo Boss, Anna Fountain, Loreal, Wella et al. Irina has successfully studied all the subtleties of the modeling business and has learned to succeed, and thanks to all this knowledge we can assure you that we have the best plan and the best way to achieve your goal of being a model.

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