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By Mariam Simmons

Top Tips to Know

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Whatever your age, gender, or style, there are a few things that you must consider when choosing your clothing. Color theory is vital for creating an overall look, and making sure that you have the desired effect, whether you want your look to be eye-catching or just have a look with continuity, you need to understand how you should match the colors in your outfits.

Color theory is based around a color wheel, and there are a few ways to match up these colors that look good.

Main Principles For Matching Colors in Clothes

Matching the colors in clothes can be done with colors on each side of the chart. It’s fascinating how the human brain perceives color, and what this can do for a look, if you study fashion at all, you will quickly learn what a big part this plays in any designer’s work.

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1. Complementary

Matching colors up in a complementary way involves matching from the opposite side of a color wheel. For instance, matching up blue and orange. They go together, but it can often create more of a bold look. For instance, a summery dress that has a pattern on it, or a men’s shirt with a design on it could use complementary color schemes.

2. Analogous

Analogous methods of matching colors involve using colors close together, or continuous shades on the color wheel. This is often subtle and gives a classy look. For instance, the shades used on a three-piece suit or a classic dress could be accessorized with other colors close by on the color chart.

3. Triadic

Matching up in a triadic way is effectively drawing a triangle over the color wheel and choosing from the three corners. This can create a bold look, but done well it can look fantastic, and ensure that you don’t end up with a boring end result.

Match leathers and metals

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Accessories play a big part in any look for both men and women. Accessories tend to be different for men and women. Men might make more use of things like leather wallets and belts whereas women use earrings and necklaces more frequently, but this is not set in stone.

You should look to match leathers wherever possible. For instance, if you are using black or brown leather for a belt, you want shoes to have a matching style and tone. Leather jackets might also form a big part of your look, and you will want to match these with shoes and belts. Don’t scrimp on accessories, you’ll want these to look elegant rather than cheap as they can make or break the whole look.

Matching metals is also crucial, for instance using white gold for both necklaces and earrings, or matching a gold watch with your diamond engagement ring.

Consider your skin tone and hair color as well

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A lot of people don’t really think about this before they start to plan their outfits. You already have a color palette that you are working with in the form of your skin tone and hair color. If you have olive skin and black hair then you will be starting from a different point to someone with fair hair and a pale complexion. Either can look great, but it is all about dressing for your skin tone and hair color.

You can use your own complexion within the color wheel. Think about the actual colors of your skin. Warm-toned skin may have a yellow, peach, or gold tint, while pale and cool skin has more pinks and even blues in there. It’s all a game of matching (or contrasting).

In summary, a little bit of forethought goes a long way when you are deciding which clothes you want to buy and wear.

A hacking method to match up clothes that will look good is to find a celebrity that has a similar complexion and pay attention to how they dress and the accessories they wear. It’s likely that this celebrity has paid a lot of attention to their outfits and may even have someone dressing them or buying their clothes. This means that they will have been planned out to suit their look, and if you have similar tones you can take full advantage of their outfit planning by buying similar clothing.

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