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By Liam Smith

to Match Your Look and Beauty Routines

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Being stylish is important for every person, whether you are a man or a woman. However, many would agree that for girls being stylish is even more important than it is for boys. Needless to say, girls have many more options to choose from when it comes to clothes, makeup, beauty routines, products for hair, face or body, etc. This is a very positive thing and gives us many opportunities to develop our unique and personal beauty style but on the other hand, so many possibilities sometimes can be misleading and result in a fashion disaster. Let's check how we can combine clothes, makeup, and outfits, in general, to obtain a put-together style that we would be recognized for.

Find a style that represents you

Don't always listen to what fashion experts say, if you don't like floral dresses or baggy jeans, don't wear them. Of course, some expert advice is always useful, but it is not necessary to stick to them too much. Find something that goes well with your style and vibe. If you're a sports type, then something elegant but comfortable at the same time can be perfect for you. If you like to express your femininity then some nice dress and sandals can work well. Don't force yourself to accept styles that you won't be comfortable with. If your colleague looks astonishing with very high heels and leather pants, it doesn't mean he would look that good on you too. Personal style and personality can sometimes be related. That way some youthful people might prefer light and fun outfits. Bold or eccentric would like a statement style. Whatever works well on you, embrace it and nourish your style.

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One classic style

Make sure you have at least one good-looking outfit for every important occasion. Let's say those occasions can be going to work or some important meeting, a wedding or another etiquette event, one casual style for every day, an outfit for a date or a birthday party, etc. It depends on your social life as well. If you work from home you probably won't need a suit, but you certainly attend some sort of events more than the other, so pay attention to those events and create outfits for those specific occasions. You can develop a style uniform, if you like to dress formally for work, choose a pencil skirt or elegant pants, and medium-high heels along with a shirt and/or a blazer. For informal style, you can replace the heels with some sneakers or sandals. It depends on you and your taste. This way you will have several garments for one specific occasion that would be perfectly combinable since they belong to the same style.

Have a smart wardrobe

Have you ever bought something that you never wore afterward? We assume the answer is yes. We all see some nice garments in the store and we think how lovely it is, but after trying them at home it seems it doesn't go well with us. That's the reason why you should choose smartly and according to your style. We're not saying you shouldn't vary from time to time but think about if you won't be able to combine that purple skirt with anything else in your wardrobe before buying it. There shouldn't be redundant garments in your wardrobe, everything should be worn from time to time. You should also have some outfits depending on the season of the year. This is important because the materials won't be the same. If you're looking for winter fashion trends there will probably be some woolen or other cozy materials. Bear in mind that developing a style has a lot to do with a body shape as well. Although we encourage you to wear whatever you like, some garments compliment certain body types more than others. Have in mind your proportions, height, and body shape, and investigate the clothes that suit you according to that.

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Make a well-balanced style

We will give you a few examples of a balanced style. If you put heavy makeup on your eyes, avoid bold, red lipstick since it's too much. A fit top can go very well with mom jeans the same way fit jeans can go well with a voluminous top. However, baggy jeans and voluminous tops can be too much volume for one outfit. If you wear a statement necklace, don't wear a top with a lot of details or some big earrings. Statement shoes go well with simple dresses and bright colors pop next to neutral ones. Stick to this simple rule. The beauty is in the harmony, so don't exaggerate in anything.

Fashion dictates some new rules every season, but some things remain the same. Find a classic style for every occasion that represents your personality and nourish it. Acquire something new from time to time to add some spice to it, but always take care not to exaggerate when it comes to makeup and accessories. That way your style will always be moderate and elegant.

Written by Liam Smith. Follow him on Twitter

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