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By DJ Crino

5 Casual-Chic Outfits to Keep You Motivated

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Not heading back to the office anytime soon? Join the club. Working from home has its perks, but it can also be really monotonous. Before you know it, another day has slipped by where you haven’t managed to leave the house once. One simple trick that can help boost productivity and make you feel generally more pulled together is simply to get dressed in the morning.

While sweatpants are undoubtedly comfortable, wearing them day after day will make you feel like getting back into bed. Instead, try getting dressed for a change and see if it doesn’t spark some inspiration. Here are a few of our favorite work-at-home outfit ideas that blend coziness with style.

Mom Jeans and a Turtleneck

Wearing jeans while at home might have been a hard no in the past, but hear us out. When you find a pair of mom jeans that fits just right, that is to say a little loose, they can be really comfortable. The stiffness of the denim will help you to feel like you’re in a more normal routine, so it can actually motivate you to get work done. A super soft and thin turtleneck will offset the bulkiness of the jeans while also keeping you warm at home. Finish this look with a pair of stylish wool clogs that bring together the coziness of this stay-at-home look.

KindCashmere Drop Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater (Photo courtesy of Lafayette 148)

Forte Couture High Waist Jeans (Photo courtesy of ITALIST)

Knit Dress with Cardigan

A knit dress is a fall and winter style staple, so if you don’t already have one, now is the perfect time to find one you like. Tan, black, or white dresses are the easiest to style with coats when you’re heading outside, but a colorful striped dress can boost your mood while you are working at home. If you’re cold with just one layer on and not yet ready to turn on the central heating, throw on a chunky knit cardigan along with some fuzzy wool socks.

Toteme - Espera Ribbed-knit Dress (Photo courtesy of NET-A-PORTER)

Shacket and Black Leggings

Upgrade your athleisure with the must-have outerwear of the season, a shacket. A shacket is, as it sounds, a combination of a shirt and a jacket. We’ll put this in the “workleisure” category of clothes. A shacket is a soft, yet structured layer that elevates the look of leggings. You can find shackets in every color and pattern. Some of the most popular right now are flannel or a neutral tone like gray or beige. We can see wearing a fuzzy pair of slippers indoors with this look and slipping on a pair of boots, a scarf, and a beanie when you head outside for your daily walk.

Knit Vest and Loose Trousers

2021 appears to be the year of channeling grandpa-chic. This timeless duo of a knit vest and loose trousers is perfect for wearing at home because it’s comfortable, yet pulled together. Generally, a knit vest looks good over any kind of stiff button down shirt. When you leave the house, you can avoid looking like you are headed to the golf course by adding some minimalist jewelry and a feminine bag.

Ganni - Ribbed-knit vest (Photo courtesy of My Theresa)

Monochrome Set

Wearing all one color makes life easy when you’re getting dressed in the morning. An all-white, all-camel or all-black knitwear set or trousers and top always looks effortless, which is why many women turn this style tip on repeat when they are working from home. If someone does happen to stop by your house, you’ll still feel much more dressed up than if you were to answer the door in a sweatshirt and pajama shorts. If you’re cold, we recommend wrapping a large wool shawl around your shoulders to top off this ultra-comfy look.

Tiered Sweater Mini Skirt By Cecilia Prado (Photo courtesy of Anthropologie)

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