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By Ava Rogers

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Do you guys know which clothing is almost impossible to go out of fashion? If you don't, then let me tell you it is none other than women's stockings. It is something that fits and looks stunning on every size of woman. It offers you style, elegance, and comfort during both summer and winter.

Stockings are the innovation of the Spanish people that are now ruling all over the world. In the 16th and 18th centuries, mainly men wore this clothing, but now it is a major accessory for women.

Stockings are even a major part of the royal family dress code. You can see Queen Elizabeth always wearing it whenever she makes any public appearance. So we can easily deduce that women stockings have a major impact on the UK audience.

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There are various types of women's stockings that you might not know.

Fishnet stockings:

These stockings might not cover your whole legs, but they are always successful in offering you an extremely sexy and hot look with your sleek black dress. You can wear it underneath your ripped pair of jeans or short skirts.

Sheer stockings:

It is see-through stockings that are perfect for a warm climate. They offer your legs a sensual appeal with a hide-and-seek look. The best part is you can wear it with almost every outfit. For example, you can wear it under those jeans that feel very uncomfortable and rough.

Lace stockings:

These are the most popular pair of stockings in UK. The laces at the end of these stockings might give a feminine look to your legs. Pair it with pencil skirts and see how much elegance it will add to your dress.

Thigh highs:

These are some of the most popular women's stockings nowadays. They look extremely hot undershorts and ruffle skirts. They offer your legs the contour they need, and you are ready for the party.

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Compression stockings:

These stockings are also known as maternity stockings. These are perfect for women with ankle and leg pain. However, it is mainly the preference of pregnant women.

Plus size stockings:

Almost every type of stockings is available in plus size. However, the best part about this piece of clothing is that it fits and looks stunning on all sizes of women and men too.

Final Words

Wear a pair of women's stockings with your outfit and shower your elegance everywhere. There are a variety of stockings that you can choose from. Fishnet stockings are something that you must have. They offer a sexy and stylish look with all of your party and funky outfits. Wear a sheer stocking in summer and see how beautifully you will be able to carry your girlish skirt. If you want something with your pencil skirts, don't forget to have a pair of lace stockings in your closet.

Wolford Ree Florale Net Stay-Up Stockings (Photo courtesy of LUISAVIAROMA)

Now that you know the different types of stockings. It is time to order a pair of stockings that goes with your outfit!

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