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Spring is the perfect weather to experiment with since it can be cold at the moment and warm in the next. You finally have a chance to layer and stay warm while still showing off your style and aesthetic.

The change in pace in the fashion scene has seen people play with bright colors, mix, match, and retro styles to form a fantastic combination. With different trends dropping for each season, these are the ones to look out for or consider adding to your ensemble.

Leather Bags

With life going back to normal, bags have made a comeback. Most people want to stay stylish and classy when going back to work, school, or running errands. Go through websites like Parker Clay with various functional and stylish options and get the trend.

But whatever reason you're getting your bag for, there are different styles, shapes, and sizes to enjoy starting from sizeable Leather Tote Bags to tiny party purses.

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Brightly Colored And Oversized Jackets

Oversized jackets with straight cuts, minimalist silhouettes, and bright neon colors have dominated this year's spring collection. These jackets are perfect for the chilly weather and can be mixed and matched with different colored pieces of clothing to create a cohesive look.

In addition, they come in thicker fabrics, faux fur, and tweed, which vary in length, with either midi or maxi working well for different outfits. And with layering being the rave, you can easily wear it with a sweater underneath to brave the chilly weather.

Crochet Details

This seventies trend successfully returned to the fashion scene in 2019. During the pandemic, people turned to arts and crafts to occupy their time, which has grown even more prominent in 2022.

Crochet is adapted into everyday wear to create a stylish look, especially basic clothing pieces. Its versatility allows it to be incorporated as details or an accessory into an outfit.

In addition, crochet can be seen on runways, with big-name brands adopting it and turning the trend into couture.

Bras As Tops

The appreciation of different bodies has seen bras being worn as tops as a trend in popularity. Bralettes and bra-tops can be worn independently or paired with different styles, including oversized buttons worn open.

The bralette's detail accentuates the chest area and flatters different shapes. The numerous details, such as new materials, silhouettes, and texture, have brought life into these amazing pieces.

Fashion is also comfort. Hence, if you are skeptical about showing off too much skin, layering it over a top or blouse can work perfectly.

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Neon Colors

Highlighter hues have garnered love and popularity, with celebrities showing up in brightly colored clothes and brand names embracing them on the runway. However, neon prints fade off in solid neon silhouettes made from comfortable fabric.

This trend isn't limited to specific clothing and can be seen in suits, dresses, jumpsuits, and many more.

Mini Skirts

Micro mini skirts are back in fashion with different designs and sizes that make them perfect for all body types to rock. This trend works best when styled in monochrome hues to show off your aesthetic.

It also allows for layering, especially when paired with a long coat that keeps you both warm while still looking stylish. These skirts come in different designs, including sporty, denim, crotched, and many more that will suit your style and taste.

Cut Outs

This previously controversial trend has grown in popularity, with models wearing them on the runway and celebrities embracing it fully. The trend has more daring designs and styles that breathe life into an outfit. When done right, cut out can reveal part of your body that's more flattering.

The Catsuit Craze

This trend has been fueled by certain celebrities who flaunted this style and graced the runways in 2022. This fashion staple from the nineties has been reimagined into statement pieces.

Its designs inspire different things, including technology to debut printed styles. People can now rock them in different colors and flared bottoms with cutouts. It also has embellishments that give catsuits a fresh new take.

This trend has a feminine and powerful allure that isn't too revealing or overly sexy. Its versatility will leave you spoilt for choice and craving for more.

Bottom Line

Fashion trends come and go, just as seen in spring 2022 fashion trends that pay homage to past eras. When getting trends for spring, opt for more faux fur, make loose layers your friend, and don’t forget to pair it with shoes and accessories. And as celebrities have proven time and time again, everyday luxury will fit in seamlessly with your aesthetic.

However, be keen on matching these outfits to avoid ending up with a cringe-worthy look that doesn't reflect your personality.

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