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Original items and gifts are really on the roll nowadays. We all strive to have more personalized items that are suited to our personal preferences – both value-wise and design-wise. So a hoodie (and other clothing items) with a custom made design is a perfect way to express your personal style or have a personalized gift for someone you care about. Let’s dive in and learn more about how to make a hoodie with a custom design!

Find a place to print your hoodie

The first step – find a place where you want to print your hoodie. Why start here? On the company’s page, you will find relevant information that will help you visualize your design better when you will start looking for the design itself.

Firstly, what color hoodies they have. If you are printing locally, of course, you can bring them whatever color hoodie you buy, but if you are using a print on demand supplier, you will need to choose from their product supply.

Secondly, where can they add the design? Some companies will be able to print only on the front or the back of the hoodie. Some have developed technologies to print designs on sleeves and hoodies themselves.

Thirdly, you can find out in what format you need the design. Is it a .jpg, .png, .ai file or other.

Is a print on demand website a good choice?

When you will be looking for a place to print your hoodie, you will see that there are print on demand options or local printing shops where you can bring your piece of clothing in or choose from theirs and print locally.

Even though a local print shop might sound more appealing (however, “locally” is the new buzzword!), there are some benefits of using print on demand services:

  • They usually have lots of experience and they know what fabrics are good for printing and what are not. So you can be more sure that their chosen fabric for the hoodie will work well with their print.
  • They will have a good webpage (as their business is mostly online!) and you will definitely be able to find reviews and check what other customers have to say.
  • If you are creating a custom made hoodie design as a gift, you can ship it directly to the person you want to gift it to. Less hassle for you!

Looking for a design

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

When you have found the place where you will be printing your hoodie, you can start looking for the right design. Maybe you already have an idea? You can check copyright-free image websites and set up the search to look for illustrations or vector graphics. You can of course use a picture as well if you want to.

If you are unsure what you want, check Pinterest or even Google for ideas. But remember not to copy-paste the idea! That will take away from the originality of your hoodie. Look for inspiration and then tweak the design to your liking.

Another option is not to use an illustration but add some text to your hoodie, for example, your favourite quote or a joke. Everything you want. Even your name.

However, sometimes it is impossible to find what you like or want, even though you have looked through all the internet. Then the option is to look for an outsourced designer and ask them to create an original design for you. If you don’t know any designers, check the popular job listing website and find one!

Where to put it?

As mentioned above, sometimes it is possible to print your design on the hoodie itself or on the sleeve (as well on the back or front). A text vertically on the sleeve might look cool. Or a small image or another text on the hoodie. You are making an original custom design, use the original spaces!

Uploading, creating and receiving

When you have found the design and decided where you want to put it, you just need to upload it on the website (of your choice online print on demand shop), choose the size and the color of the hoodie (definitely make sure the design will be visible on the chosen hoodie color!) and choose a place where you want the design to be.

Once you have set up everything, just hit “pay” or “order” button and wait a few days once you receive your hoodie in the mail!


It is easy and fun to create your own custom hoodie design, but it is more exciting to wear your hoodie out and see people gosh when you tell them you created the design yourself. Plus, no one will have the same look and you will no longer need to worry about mixing your generic-looking hoodie with some other gal’s generic-looking hoodie. You will stand out in the best way possible!

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