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Let's face the facts, 2021 was a bumpy ride. With the pandemic and all the quarantines and lockdown, most people have put their sense of fashion and style as a secondary priority. Fortunately, with the beginning of a new year and with things gradually re-opening its time to put our best foot forward and approach the new year with confidence, style and a new you! Having said that, one of the best ways to showcase your individuality and personal style is through bespoke clothing, and lucky for you their is no better way to get started with bespoke than with investing in a bespoke shirt. That being said, in this short article we are going to go over EXACTLY why you should consider investing in a bespoke shirt in the year 2022. Before we begin though let's quickly go over what exactly a bespoke shirt is!

What is a Bespoke Shirt?

Simply put, a bespoke shirt is a hand-tailored shirt that is designed for a particular wearer and accounts for that individuals unique posture, balance, and movement. A bespoke shirt is also traditionally cut from a unique design or pattern chosen by the client that suits his/her individual personality. Everything about a bespoke shirt is custom and fitted to the utmost perfection to give you a quality shirt that is premium quality and has years of longevity if well-maintained. Having said that, lets take a look at the main reasons why you should invest in a bespoke shirt.

Reason #1 - The Fit

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Let's face the facts, no matter how many shirts you buy off the rack at your favorite retail stores, none of them are really ever a "perfect-fit". When it comes to bespoke shirts though, the "perfect fit" is the primary focus. When working with a credible bespoke tailor, they take into account all aspects of your physicallity when designing your bespoke shirt. Many factors are accounted for including:

  • Your body shape
  • Your movement
  • Your posture
  • Your physical alignment

The end result of this methodical fitting process is a 100% custom shirt designed with YOUR fit in mind. More often than not, people are extremely happy with a well-tailored bespoke shirt because not only do they feel great and fit well, but you also get to enjoy the confidence to know that this shirt was specifically designed to fit you perfectly.

Reason #2 - Bespoke Shirts Offer Longevity

How many times have you bought a shirt that seemed great, only to be dissapointed when it gets worn down after just a few months of wearing it? Lucky for you, bespoke shirts offer premium quality that offer its wearers longevity and the confidence that your bespoke shirt is not just made for you, but made to last. On average a bespoke shirt can last nearly 4-6 years which is roughly 5 times longer than any shirt you would get off the rack. This is largely attributed to the premium materials used in bespoke which can include quality components and features such as:

  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Refined interlining
  • Strong seam stitching
  • and many more high quality components!

All in all, if you are looking for a quality shirt to invest in for the long-run look no further than bespoke.

Reason #3 - Bespoke Shirts Provide a Sense of a Refined and Sophisticated Appearance

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Wearing a shirt made for you, in a high quality fabric will make you look and feel better. Each shirt is finished to the highest quality and you can tell. A lot of people underestimate the shirt, thinking no one notices. But when you spend half the day with your jacket off, a well-made shirt can set you apart. Not only does a well-fitted bespoke shirt actually make you look good, but it makes you feel even better. With the extra confidence you will walk around feeling on-top of the world with your charisma and unique personality glowing and being recognized by those near you. All in all, if you are looking to dress to impress, a bespoke shirt is nothing short of your best friend in achieving this goal.

Where Can I get My Hands on a Quality Bespoke Shirt?

When it comes to getting a quality bespoke shirt, its important to work with a bespoke tailor that not only has the experience but also the visionary expertise to help design the perfect shirt for you. That's why we recommend Isaac Ely Bespoke! Isaac Ely is a bespoke shirts toronto tailor who opened his atelier in 2001 and since then, has been working to serve his client base that have an aspiration for standing out with their style. All in all, if you are ready to make the most out of this 2022 with your style look no further than investing in some quality bespoke shirts.

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