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for your skin

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There is so much that goes into skin care and skin health. Other than what we eat and what skin care we apply, the environment we live in also plays a huge role. So here is how you can create a healthy living space for your skin.

Get some fresh air in

First and foremost, the enclosed space needs to have sufficient fresh air flow in and out of the house at all times. You can open your windows first thing in the morning when you wake up to let some fresh air in. Not only will it help wake you up but it will also help you breathe in and out after a good night of sleep which will help set your body and mind into motion. It’s also refreshing for the skin to get some fresh air after a whole night of being pressed against the pillow and let’s be real we all tend to drool a bit while we sleep.

Invest in high-quality bedding

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Speaking of sleeping, the materials you use for the bedding are very important when it comes to skin health. First of all, it’s important that you switch your pillowcases and wash them often enough. If you have cotton pillowcases then make sure to switch them with clean ones once in two or three nights. A lot of our dead skin cells tend to strip away during the night and stay on top of the pillowcase. Not to mention the fact that we drool a bit when we sleep and the skin can get a bit sweaty. All of that and more ends up on our pillow during the night and the last thing you want is to have that touch your clean face that you just prepped with skin care products.

On the other hand, you could also invest in some high-quality silk pillowcases. They are a lot healthier for both our skin and our hair as well. They don’t absorb any of the sweat and are just much gentler and softer for our skin. You don’t have to switch them up as often as the cotton ones. This also goes for the towel you use for the face. Make sure to switch it up frequently and wash it regularly.

Dust regularly

In order to create a healthy environment for your skin you need to clean your house regularly enough. This doesn’t mean you need to pull out your vacuum cleaner and go all out with the deep cleaning every other day. Light dusting every now and then when you see that dust and debris have gathered around again will do just fine. It’s a quick and easy task that will take a few minutes of your time but it will make a large difference. Making sure that everything is clean and that dust particles are not just casually flying around sticking to your skin will help with your skin health a lot.

Pest control

Pest control should be a regular house maintenance check box for many different reasons. Overall, you have to make sure your house isn’t infested with pests that can cause damage to the house and create an overall unhealthy living environment. Also, the last thing you want is for pests to get into your personal space, contaminate it and cause bacteria growth in places where you sleep and where your skin is exposed to potential skin damage. So, maybe once or twice a year make sure to get proper cockroach pest control services to ensure that your living environment is safe and healthy as it can be.

Natural light

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Lastly, people believe that natural light helps their skin wake up and feel fresher and healthier. Though natural light can be great for your circadian rhythm, too much sun exposure is bad for the skin and its health. Sun exposure has been linked with premature aging as well as severe sun damage such as even skin cancer.

So, while you might like opening up all of your curtains to let that beautiful natural light in, make sure you are wearing sufficient amount of SPF on your face and reapply it during the day to keep your skin protected and healthy.


Overall, creating a healthy living space for our skin is all about making sure the materials our face touches are clean, ensuring healthy air flow, keeping the house clean and protected from pests, and protecting ourselves from sun exposure even while we’re inside.

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