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By Donna Fowles

The Positive Impact of Sustainable Travel

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Sustainability is a major concern right now, as many more people are looking into ways that they can help save wildlife and the environment. Travel often isn’t seen as sustainable because of the resources used, the pollution created, and the devastating impacts that travel can have on various locations. However, when it is done carefully and thoughtfully, it is possible to be sustainable while traveling to new and exotic locations. Below are just a few of the ways sustainable travel can help nature and wildlife.

Gather Community Support for Conservation

When people travel to an area to see where a polar bear lives or to view elephants in their natural habitat, the locals are more likely to support conservation efforts. Travelers bring money into an area, which encourages the locals in the area to do more to help increase travel to the area. If travelers are coming to see the animals, it is likely that the locals will put more effort into conservation to continue providing a reason for travelers to visit.

Helps Increase Protection Available to Animals

More travelers to an area can help provide protection to the animals. In areas where poaching is common, it is possible for more guards to be hired to help save the animals when there are more tourists visiting. More guards means poachers are less likely to be successful, though guarding is a dangerous job due to poaching. Without travelers visiting the area, it may not be possible to guard the animals as carefully, which could lead to the extinction of various species.

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Provides Increased Funds for Conservation

Traveling brings in money to the area, which can be used in part to fund conservation efforts. On top of this, once people have seen animals in their natural habitat, they’re more likely to want to participate in conservation. Even though the traveler will return home, they may still look for ways to donate or to do what they can to help conservation efforts. This helps bring in a lot more money, which can help save the animals and where they live.

Offers Volunteer Work to Help With Conservation

One option more travelers are taking advantage of today is the opportunity to volunteer while traveling. Going on a trip with the goal of volunteering provides the opportunity to visit new places and to have unique experiences that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Today, there are various companies available that help travelers connect with volunteering opportunities, which can bring in more volunteer help for the area so the conservation organizations can do more.

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Supports Habitat Restoration

Along with protecting the animals and where they live, when there are tourists coming to view the animals, it can help support the restoration of habitats. Visitors want to see the animals where they naturally live, so they will often donate funds to help with habitat restoration and to help the animals continue to thrive. Locals are encouraged to help with the restoration of habitats to encourage more travelers to visit the area.

Encourages Further Progression

By traveling to an area to see wildlife and help with conservation efforts, the local area is encouraged to progress further with regard to living near the animals and sharing the land. This can lead to using more renewable energy to power the area, conserving more resources in the area, so they’re available for animals, and a lot more. Visitors can help with this, as well, when volunteering at their destination, especially if they work in a related field, and can help set up renewable energy sources during the vacation.

Traveling doesn’t need to be devastating to natural areas full of animals. In fact, it can be beneficial. When planning any vacation, look into more sustainable options and see how your trip could positively impact the destination. You may be making a bigger impact than you realize.

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