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By Patrick Adams

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If you are interested in the permanent makeup business, you are probably aware of how lucrative it can be and all the other benefits it carries.

Here are some basic things to know if you want to become a permanent makeup artist.

Decide What You Want to Do

There are various permanent makeup treatments and you can’t learn all of them at once. Or maybe you can, but you shouldn't. It's much smarter to focus on one treatment at a time, and then as you master it, learn new techniques and expand your services.

The most popular permanent makeup treatments are brow tattoos. You can choose to learn a manual technique such as microblading, which is done with a handheld tool, or machine brows done with a permanent makeup machine, such as very popular powder brows.

You can also learn lip blush which is a huge thing right now. A less popular technique is permanent eyeliner, but you can add it to your services once you learn something that is usually requested.

Choose Your Training Carefully

You’ll need to complete permanent makeup training to get your certification. Do your research and be careful when you choose a training. Make sure it covers everything you need to learn a skill. It would be useful if your training included hands-on experience.

If you are not able to attend live training, there are a lot of online courses you can get. However, not all of them are good. Read the reviews carefully - they will help you choose the right training.

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Don’t Be Cheap With Supplies

When it comes to getting your permanent makeup supplies, make sure you choose quality products from a reliable supplier, such as PhiBrows Toronto where you can find premium quality tools and pigments and everything you need for your permanent makeup business.

You’ll also need props for practicing, such as latex for eyebrows. One of the tips you may get is to use cheaper pigments and tools for practicing, but that can be tricky. If you get used to one pigment consistency, it may be harder for you to switch to other formulas for real clients.

You’ll Need a License

In most countries and states, it’s required to have some kind of license to practice permanent makeup legally. Even though most states require you to have a tattoo license to perform permanent makeup, it’s completely unregulated in some other places. So, make sure you contact the local Health Department to make sure you meet all the requirements in order to open your own salon.

Don’t Take Clients Unless You Feel Ready

You may never feel 100% ready and may feel nervous about your first clients, but don’t start taking them unless you feel confident enough to work on real skin. That’s why you need to practice a lot and learn everything you can about skin, different conditions, possible complications, etc.

Once you think you know enough, take models first. It can be your friends and family, or someone else - you can look for models online. Only when you see you are doing a good job can you start taking real clients and charging for your services.

Image by halayalex on Freepik

You’ll Need Branding…

Since now you are becoming your own boss, you’ll need to brand your business. You’ll need a logo and promotional material for your salon. If you don’t know how to create that, there are many agencies that can do that for you.

It’s important to have a good social media presence where you’ll communicate with your potential clients and post before and after photos of your work. Make sure your photos look good and present your work in the best possible light.

…and Marketing

There are different ways of advertising your services, and you can try all of them one by one to see what will work best for you. From Google and social media marketing to promoting your work in local Facebook groups and getting a referral program, all of these may work if you try hard and provide excellent service.

Don’t forget that every permanent makeup treatment you do is your advertisement so make sure your work and customer service is impeccable.

Final Tip

Even though permanent makeup lasts for months, even years, you’ll have to return clients who’ll come for a touch-up or some other service. So, make sure you treat clients with respect and make them feel they can trust you and rely on you.

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