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By Eva Fydrych

November Edition of |FAT|

"Fashion Art Toronto is always inspired by the freedom of art and conceptual thinking." - Vanja Vasic for STYLE Canada

One of the most exciting fashion events of the year has just ended and it was nothing but a huge success. Fashion Art Toronto, founded in 2005, is now the longest running Fashion Week in the city and it just keeps getting bigger and better each year.

The choice of the venue this year, The Parkdale Hall (1605 Queen St W), brought a lot of style and excitement to one of the most neglected Toronto's neighbourhoods that used to be a centre of glamour in the past. "Because of its close proximity to the lake, Sunnyside Beach and the CNE, Parkdale was once a resort spot for Torontonians, with beautiful summer homes nestled among lush trees and plants." (Source: Parkdale Village BIA) You can read more about the history of this eclectic neighbourhood here:

Lubica (Photo by Jenn Jevons)

Tourism & Fashion

As fashion is a powerful promotional tool that can be used to attract more international visitors to Toronto and boost local economy, it would be great to see the Tourism Board getting more involved in these types of events and using it to put various areas of the city in the spotlight. It has been successfully done in many other places around the world, including Africa which is rarely mentioned when it comes to being a pioneer in any industry, and shouldn't be underestimated.

(Please prove me wrong, but I couldn't find a single mention of Fashion Art Toronto at any of Destination Toronto or Parkdale Village BIA platforms. My question is: Why? As a fashion & travel journalist I often pick my destinations based on the recommendations found on the official tourism websites and many cities are including their fashion weeks over there. It is a missed opportunity that could not only provide a much-needed boost for small businesses but also produce such an exciting and refreshing content to their social media platforms). 

Pippa Latex (Photo by Gloria Caballero)

Kyle Gervacy (Photo by Jenn Jevons)

Creativity, Passion, Innovation

Going back to the shows...

Fashion Art Toronto managed to amaze on all levels. The shows were well-planned and organised with a great attention to detail. There was an excitement in the air that could be felt for all four days of the event. Fashion industry proved once again that it is in fact one of the most innovative and forward thinking communities in the city and Toronto definitely needs more of that energy on regular basis.

The event gathered together artists, designers, journalists, photographers, and content creators who put lots of effort into not only looking their best but also spreading the word about the city's unique fashion scene. Well done, everyone! :)

SAFI CREATIVES (Photo by Gloria Caballero)

AADHE (Photo by Gloria Caballero)

"The event is celebrated for its 18-year commitment to providing an inclusive platform for Canada’s fashion and artist communities and presenting thought-provoking fashion shows and immersive multimedia art installations." - Fashion Art Toronto

As much as runway shows can be fun and entertaining and their main goal is to bring inspiration and showcase future fashion / beauty trends, they are also a good starting point for more serious conversations: about improvement, change, inclusivity, culture, society, and more. Please feel free to leave your comments below.

See you next season!

Shaghayegh Tafreshi (Photo by Cosplay)

Amelia Tuu (Photo by Cosplay)

Ao Dai Canada (ADC) Photo by Cosplay

Huge congratulations to Vanja Vasic, the founder and director of Fashion Art Toronto, for organising such a spectacular event and for bringing her vision to life, year after year!

HENDRIXROE (Photo by Jenn Jevons)


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