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TORONTO - In November, the Hebei Online Export Fair 2022, hosted by the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce, was officially launched, and the textile and apparel session hosted by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles was opened to global buyers online at the same time.

The textile and apparel session is one of the 12 online export fairs organized by the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce this year. More than 50 high-quality textile and apparel enterprises in Hebei attended the session, covering sports, overall, casual, home textiles, bedding, fabrics, and other categories. 

“This online fair is an important opportunity for us to transform from a traditional trade company into a digital one. We have prepared a series of innovative products such as eco-friendly apparel and recycled fabrics for global buyers,” said Mr. Xue, Vice General Manager of Hebei Textile Import and Export Co., Ltd.

The online fair will exhibit and display all the enterprises and products for six months, allowing professional buyers from overseas to conduct in-depth online discussions with these Hebei enterprises and helping the enterprises expand the market and seek business opportunities online.

According to Pei Shixin, Director General of the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce, who delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the event, from January to September this year, Hebei's export turnover reached RMB 248.7 billion, increased by 14% compared to the same period of 2021, indicating that it has achieved a steady growth following the previous year’s high figure. As Hebei’s featured brands such as Xinji leather and Qinghe cashmere sell their high-quality products all over the world, "Made in Hebei" is being integrated into the international industrial chain and supply chain at a faster pace than ever before and has become an important part of the global textile and apparel market.

At present, all the products of the Hebei Textile and Apparel Export Online Fair can be viewed online. We welcome buyers from all over the world to check our official website at

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