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By Jess Cooper

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We live in a world full of smart gadgets and devices we can use daily to make them more manageable. Their primary aim is to help people simplify daily routines and chores to have more time for themselves. So, if you’d like to transform your home into s tech-savvy haven, you need to consider modernizing it with some handy gadgets. Keep reading to learn more about some handy tech devices to have around your house.

There are so many handy tech devices you can install around your home. However, we will focus on only the ones that are fun, practical, and that make your life better. So, let’s start with a smart coffee maker. Chances are that you are a huge fan of coffee. Hence, this would be a great way to treat yourself. If you have a pet, then an automatic pet feeder can free you of the daily obligation of feeding it. Among the other handy tech, there is a smart beverage cooler, a polaroid mobile printer, a phone charger lamp, Amazon Echo. Moreover, you can also get a touchscreen smart mirror, a smart curtain robot, and a dimmer switch, as well as a wake-up alarm clock.

1. Smart coffee maker

Coffee is probably one of your favorite beverages. So, why not treat yourself to a smart coffee maker? A smart coffee maker allows you to schedule your fresh brew right from the comfort of your warm bed using your smartphone, Alexa speaker, or Google Assistant. This handy gadget saves you precious time in the morning when you’re getting ready for work while getting the kids ready for the childcare center or school at the same time. That’s one thing at least to take off your morning routine list.

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2. Automatic pet feeder

If you have a pet or pets, then you should definitely consider an automatic pet feeder. It is a great innovation when it comes to taking care of pets. Smart pet feeders are programmed in such a way as to manage meal times and portion sizes for your pet. They are also great as they allow you to record, see and talk to your pet while away. It is a nifty gadget for busy pet owners who travel or spend a lot of time away from home. It will surely make both you and your four-legged furry friend happy.

3. Smart beverage cooler

If you’re often entertaining or you love drinking a glass of cool wine with your partner when you come home from work, you should definitely consider getting one of these. This rapid beverage chiller is excellent when you’re having guests over and you didn’t have time to cool the drinks. When we say ‘rapid’, we mean it. It cools canned drinks in 1 minute and bottles in 3.5 minutes to refrigerator cold. And if you prefer ice-cold drinks, just double the cooling time.

4. Polaroid mobile printer

Everybody has and uses smartphones these days. We do everything with them. One of those things is taking photos. However, wouldn't it be awesome if we could print out those photos immediately? It definitely would. The polaroid mobile printer can do precisely that. You can connect your phone to this gadget, edit the photos you took and print them out right away.

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5. Phone charger lamp

Due to the fact that we use our phones quite a lot during the day for diverse things, we need to charge them often. There is a tech-savvier way to charge your phone even without your charger. Ikea has a stylish and functional lamp that doubles as a charger as well. It is pretty convenient.

6. Amazon Echo

Somebody made quite an accurate observation that smart devices are getting smarter and smarter by the day. The Amazon Echo is a free-standing device that is perhaps best described as your butler, just waiting for your commands. You can ask for music, weather information, and news. It updates automatically. It is a top-notch helper to have around your home.

7. Touch screen smart mirror

A step further from a regular mirror is a touchscreen smart mirror running on Android, with a touch display and in-built speakers. On this kind of smart mirror, you can install any kind of app. So, what you can do with it is listen to the news while getting ready or watch a makeup tutorial. You can use it for many different things. It can be useful, and it can provide you with plenty of helpful information, such as the weather forecast.

8. Smart curtain robot

SwitchBot is a handy gadget you can use on any curtain to make it smart. You just need to put it on the curtain rod and connect it to your smartphone. It will do the rest. As there are different kinds of curtains, it comes with different add-ons you can use. You control the curtain via the app. You can set curtains to open or close automatically, or you can do it manually from your phone.

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9. Smart dimmer switch

This handy light control device has an additional feature that allows you to dim the lights besides switching them on and off. You can also automate everything light-related in your home.

10. Wake-up alarm clock light

Scientists agree on one thing: sunlight affects your sleep pattern. The morning light that comes through the window actually has the purpose of waking you up. However, during cold and gloomy winter months, we usually don’t have so much sunlight to wake us up. Nevertheless, there is a solution to that. Philips wake-up light imitates the natural light quite well, waking you up from your slumber gently. How does it work? 20 to 40 minutes before you wake up, it lights up and gradually becomes brighter. The sun-stimulating light bathes your room. End result is you wake up more naturally and have more energy to face the challenges of the day.

These are just some of the many handy tech tools you can consider installing around your home. Do your research online and opt for those convenient for your lifestyle.

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