Monday, December 12, 2022


By Guia Montellano

It has been over a month since Toronto Fashion Week F/W 2022 season took place at The Parkdale Hall. Fashion Art Toronto's (FAT) runway was overflowing with many exceptional hairstylists and makeup artists. Their creativity and concept glistened on the runway. Inspirations from classic hairstyles and makeup from the retro era, the late 90s to early 2000s, until today were visible throughout the whole fashion week. This season's hairstylists and makeup artists outdid themselves with their creativity and stunningly complemented the designers' clothing pieces with their beauty looks, from hair, makeup, and accessories. Below are the top five beauty looks at the FAT runway that can be your next beauty look inspo.

1. The Classic All-Black Bob and Red Lipstick Combo at Lubica

Lubica’s runway show displayed the uniformity of the models' beauty looks, highlighting the all-black hair bob and bold red lipstick combo. It is a classic look anyone can pull off and is one of the staple beauty looks in the fashion industry, as many other prominent artists put on as well. The black bob and red lipstick combo matched smoothly with Lubica's designs, a look that never fails to make a bold statement.

Lubica (Photo by Jenn Jevons)

2. Zoba Martin’s Eye Makeup with Gems & Rhinestones

Rhinestones and Gems as face accessories have been around in the beauty world. However, it was only recent until it became a trend and started to flourish because of the younger generation, or Gen Z, who uses it more to express creativity and have a fun look. Zoba Martin’s eye makeup glittered her runway show with shiny gems applied to her models, accentuating their eyes, giving a dainty look, and matching her shiny and shimmering clothing pieces.

Zoba Martin (Photo by @andrewphoto88)

Zoba Martin (Photo by Hooman Zahedi)

3. The White Eyeshadow and Custom Hair Piece Combo by Koh Montreal

The colour white was an obscure colour in the beauty industry. It was not used or recognized as much as today. As more makeup enthusiasts explore, even a shade like white is appreciated because of its versatility, such as a sophisticated white eye makeup look, whether it be eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, or a pencil. Koh Montreal's hair and makeup artists used the colour white throughout their runway show, an oblong-shaped white eyeshadow popping on the models' eyelids above the colourful traditional gown pieces. To match the simple makeup look is a flower-shaped hairpiece accessory made by Koh Montreal as well, worn by his models' designed to blossom and look magical with the gown pieces.

Kohmontreal by JUAN ISKANDAR (Photo by Chris Cheung @asianwithcamera) Click to enlarge

Kohmontreal by JUAN ISKANDAR (Photo by Cosplay)

Kohmontreal by JUAN ISKANDAR (Photo by Cosplay)

Kohmontreal by JUAN ISKANDAR (Photo by Cosplay)

Kohmontreal by JUAN ISKANDAR (Photo by Cosplay)

4. The Iconic 2000s Pouf Half-up Ponytail at Herelove

In the early 2000s, the iconic pouf half-up ponytail hairstyle had the girls in a chokehold. Famous artists in the Entertainment industry experienced this hairstyle. Herelove also had a uniformity with her beauty look throughout her runway show. All of her models had the same hairstyle fanning a nostalgic feeling of the early 2000s in Parkdale Hall. The concept of her lingerie collection and the hairstyle she chose for her pieces matched her "flirty, frisky, and femme" goal for her brand, making a statement through the choice of hairstyle corresponding accordingly with her lingerie couture.

Herelove (Photo by Cosplay)

Herelove (Photo by Cosplay)

Herelove (Photo by Cosplay)

Herelove (Photo by Cosplay)

5. Safi Creatives Face Pearls

Another face accessory beauty look was by Safi Creatives. Pearls have resurfaced and become a sensation lately, which is magnificent because it is an elegant accessory and a classy piece that goes well with every outfit. It's delicate, sophisticated, and clean. Safi Creatives use pearls as face accessories by outlining patterns based on the models' features. Most of their models were people of colour, so the pearls sparkle while they walk on the runway, suiting well with all their clothing pieces. Their designs are modern but also incorporate traditional and monochromatic patterns and colours.

Safi Creatives (Photo by Gloria Caballero)

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