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When They’re Older

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If you love clothes, then, in all likelihood, you’ll love the idea of working in the fashion industry. That world offers an exciting, stylish, and cool way to build a career that you love, so it’s pretty easy to see the appeal! Alas, if you can see the appeal of it, then you can rest assured that many other people see the appeal, too. It’s no secret that this is one of the hardest industries to break into.

It is not, however, impossible. If you’re currently at school and you know that you want to work in the fashion world, then follow the tips that we’ve outlined below — they’ll help you to increase your chances of success.

Follow Influential People

If you’re going to spend the bulk of your time online, then you may as well put that time to good use. You can learn a lot by following people who are influential in the fashion world. By this, we don’t mean influencers, who are basically just breathing, walking adverts. We mean keeping up with the people that basically run the fashion industry — you might just learn a thing or two about their own career path that you can apply to your own.

Build Your Network

Take a look at the backstories of some of fashion’s leading figures, and you’ll invariably find that many of them got involved in the fashion world at a very early age. Even if they weren’t directly involved in the fashion industry, they were skirting around the edges, making connections, and all-around putting themselves in a good position to work in the field later on. Even though you may be young, it’s worthwhile beginning to build your network, even if it’s just reaching out to people on social media for advice.

When you’re old enough, you can also write to businesses that work in the fashion sector and ask for an unpaid internship. You never know what that might lead to.

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Make The Most of Opportunities

Many young people think that they need to wait until they’re at university or beyond until they will have opportunities that may lead to a career in fashion. But that’s not the case. Even when you’re at school, you’ll have a bunch of chances to begin your fashion journey. For example, if your school offers educational trips to New York, then you’ll have a chance to go to one of the world’s major fashion cities. Even if you’re not offered a job while you’re there, you’ll still gain plenty of inspiration and motivation to succeed. You can also check out if there are any opportunities to dive into fashion while at school, too — some art classes use textiles, for example.

Play With Your Style

Your style will be your foot in the door in the fashion world. So while you’re at this playful age, be sure to play around with your style! The more effort you put into your clothes, the better your style will be. And when the time comes, you can go into your new career knowing that you look like you belong.

Photo: Pexels

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