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Pay attention to the steampunk style if you are looking for an original look for a costume party, festival, or any other event. The basis of this fantastic direction is an alternative universe of mechanical and steam technologies of the 19th century.

You can choose a beautiful steampunk dress for any occasion. Available options allow you to choose the best and most stylish combination. Such outfits allow you to create an actual image for cosplay, which everyone will remember. These dresses look stunning in the photo.

Popular steampunk dress options

When choosing an image, fans of this subculture mainly select for themselves the role of one of the characters of the Victorian era, for example, Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes, various serial maniacs, travelers, and so on. Steampunk women's clothing does not lend itself to the general rules of style, as it is peculiar and constantly changing depending on current trends. The main elements of the wardrobe include such items: dresses, corsets, skirts, men's trousers, suits, coats, and so on.

Steampunk style includes three varieties:

  • Classical. A lightweight version that can be used in everyday life. Steampunk ideas are used from time to time by famous designers. The classic style involves wearing layered skirts, corsets, and leather items.

  • Fantastic. Clothing in this steampunk type looks original and more like a carnival costume. There are no strict rules and canons in creating an image.

  • Technical. The silhouette in this look is more coarse, and the clothes contain many decorative elements. It is essential to pay attention to accessories. This steampunk style is specific, so not everyone can create a harmonious image.

Steampunk dresses for women have a complex design. For example, a corset and a voluminous skirt are necessarily combined, which often has an asymmetrical shape. It is short in front and reaches the floor in the back. Steampunk dresses have multiple layers that are framed with lots of ruffles. There are models in which skirts are replaced by a design that includes torn parts of the fabric, decorated with various elements.

Image by master1305 on Freepik

How to create a truly fantastic image?

The unique steampunk style cannot be called a widespread and mass phenomenon. Many women of fashion probably do not even know about its existence. And not every girl dares to wear such an outfit. One must understand and accept his ideas and philosophical essence to compose harmonious and liberated images of this kind. After all, there are standard sets in which all the components do not look so unusual and outrageous but are selected solely considering the characteristic features of steampunk and complemented by appropriate accessories.

Holding a celebration or party in this utterly unique style is gaining increasingly popular today. Undoubtedly, such an event will be imprinted in memory forever. For everyday wear, priority should be given to neutral colors and a discreet color palette. A composition suitable for casual use can be made up of a skirt with a bustle and a rugged leather corset, which will not be visible under clothing but will form a graceful figure.

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In the style of classic Victorian steampunk, elegant dresses and feminine blouses with long batwing sleeves are used. High boots with decorative lacing on thick soles will complement a fantastic look perfectly. As a finishing and accenting touch, you can use an avant-garde hat and a hair clip in the form of an unusual mechanism or device. As mentioned above, steampunk is entirely unsuitable for everyday use, but you can make a few accents in its spirit. Such sets look a little rough and like aliens from a parallel reality. But it is very effective.

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