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Here's How to Change Up Your Style

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We all need a boost from time to time and one of the best ways to do that is to change up the way we dress ourselves. Fashion is art and experimentation and if you are worrying that your wardrobe is on the bland side, then it’s time for a refresh and an overhaul. During the pandemic, many people used the time to go through their things and thin them down, throwing out the items that were out of date and upgrading those that needed a fix.

These changes that you make to your style won’t instantly change who you are as a person but it can be exciting to make an adjustment to the way you feel within yourself. Over time, that will become something you feel more confident and excited about! It’s exciting to wait for the latest fashion magazines to come out and be updated as much as it’s exciting to be on the lists for the about:blank latest collection: you thrive on that! However, you need to know how you can change up your style and make your wardrobe less boring overall.

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We’ve got some tips to help:

1. Buy clothes that will serve you for more than one occasion. Whatever the event, you should not just buy one dress for one occasion in life. Buy clothes that will last for more than one event and you’ll be able to give your outfits more than one wear. Not only will you look fantastic more than once, you’ll feel great on the inside, too.

2. Clear out the things that don't fit. You will find it common to hold onto things that no longer fit you in the hopes that one day it will again, but stop doing that. Instead of trying to adjust your body to fit the clothes, you should buy clothes that fit your current body. You are allowed to grow and change, but that shouldn't mean hanging onto wardrobe items that don't fit you. You have valuable wardrobe space, so you should use it for things that actually work on your current physique.

3. Try everything on. The things you bought ten years ago may fit you but that doesn't mean that the things you bought still suit you. Your personality changes as much as your body does so the style of things that you wore years ago won’t necessarily look as good or match who you are now. If things aren't making you feel confident, they don't have a place in your wardrobe - even for the sake of nostalgia.

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4. Buy what you want, not what works as a bargain. Buying off the rack clothing because it’s cheap doesn't actually help you to change your style. In fact, it does more to waste your money than anything else. Don't buy a new dress just because it’s a good deal, not when you’re dressing to look and feel good!

5. Upgrade your accessories. If you want to change up your style it’s time to upgrade your accessories and start wearing them differently. Swapping studs for dangly earrings and belts for scarves, you’re going to make your style change overnight!

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