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By Tess DiNapoli

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Fashion is an ever-evolving beast, and trends change quickly—especially in an increasingly digital world. Microtrends have been dominating the conversation since the popularity of TikTok and other social media apps. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what’s in style, which is why we’ve collected the best new fashion trends for 2024 in one place to help you keep on top of the newest looks.

Quiet Luxury

Lately, the media has been focused on the lives of the extravagantly wealthy. With movies like Saltburn and TikTok trends like ‘old money aesthetic’ shoppers are becoming increasingly preoccupied by the idea of looking like a million bucks. But this trend isn’t about flashy dressing and flaunting wealth. This trend is all about well-made understated clothing with a few luxury items filtered in. Think of your best jewelry and a well-made handbag. To dress in this style you don’t need a million bucks, just a few well-maintained statement pieces.

More For Less

Getting a good deal is always in style. And in 2024 we are prioritizing quality over quantity. Looking for staple pieces in a women’s clothing outlet is a great way to add high-quality pieces to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. With the rise of fast fashion, we’ve lost a lot of the quality that made pieces last for the long run. Staple pieces can become the bones that you build a wardrobe around. And no matter where the trend cycle is going, these pieces will always be in style.

Photo: Pixabay

The Girl Economy

Girl dinner, girl math, pink bows, and all things feminine have been dominating runways and FYP pages across the world. Last summer, the blockbuster release of Barbie and the wildly popular Eras and Renaissance tours made it clear that the girl economy is here to stay. Microtrends showed that consumers were embracing all things femme. Little hair bows, babydoll silhouettes, and bright colors dominated. This celebration of all things feminine is sure to continue throughout 2024, although off-shoot trends may delve into some more specific aesthetics.

Street style, October 2023 (Photo courtesy of Lagos Fashion Week)

Rodeo Time

All things nostalgic, campy, and Western are on everyone’s radar. With Beyonce announcing a new country album, Kacey Musgraves going back to her roots, and Chappelle Roan wowing the indie scene with her clown-cowgirl looks. Cowboy boots, hats, and shirts have always flitted in and out of fashion, but this look is decidedly bigger and leans more into the fun of it all. Think mixing and matching bold colors, patterns, and not being afraid to take some risks.

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pixabay

Clean Girl Aesthetic

Despite all of these baroque trends, something a bit more understated is never going to go out of fashion. The term ‘clean girl aesthetic’ popped up on TikTok in 2022-2023 and this look is not going anywhere. The ‘clean girl’ has slicked-back hair, simple comfortable clothes, and natural makeup. That doesn’t mean you need to be devoid of personality. Monogrammed women’s clothing is an excellent way to show a little bit of personality in this aesthetic. The ‘clean girl’ is the ‘preppy girl’ if she prioritizes comfort.

Elexiay, Pillz & Poizn | October 2023 (Photos courtesy of Lagos Fashion Week)

Preppy Athletic Core

Preppy style will always filter its way into the cultural conversation in one way or another, and currently, the preppy look is leaning hard on a classic athletic style. Varsity-inspired fits are going to be all the rage when the weather warms up. This style will lean hard on retro inspirations to give off the look of the coolest kid on the team.

Off Duty Ballerina

Similar to the ultra femme looks, the ‘off-duty ballerina’ look will continue to dominate on runways and streetwear looks. For this look combine soft colors with stretchy comfortable clothing and feminine touches. This can include bows, ballet flats, headbands, ribbons, and more.

Geto (Photo courtesy of Lagos Fashion Week)

Photo: Pexels

On the Fringe

Playing along with the cowboy trend, fringe will be a huge part of 2024 fashion. Expect to see skirts that finish in the playful pattern, shirts with fringe that add movement, and 70’s inspired coats that will make anyone feel like they’re Stevie Nicks crooning on stage. Fringe gives clothing an alternate movement pattern that can feel like a statement all on its own. This retro-inspired look will be everywhere.

Create Your Style

These are just a few of the trends we anticipate dominating this year. An ongoing theme will be individuality. With so many venues of communication and so many different types of culture, there is rarely ever a mono-culture moment anymore—which is extremely freeing for fashionistas. There is no pressure to have to give into one trend or the other, simply latch onto the things you love and go from there. With social media even everyday people can shift the conversation on where fashion is going. So buy what you like, style to your comfort, and be yourself. There is nothing more on trend than that.

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