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By Lisa Moore

PURPLE HEART SUPPLY (Photo: @cosplay)

In November, Toronto’s longest running fashion show once again took over the fashion scene at Black Creek Assembly with a diverse display of colour, culture, fabrics, vibes, music, and art. The runway was colourful and diverse at Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) in the Fall of 2023. Season after season, this extravaganza brings out some of the most creative, eclectic, and talented entrepreneurs in the industry who never cease to inspire a wide demographic of on-lookers. This season, some subtle new trends turned heads, making consistent appearances in several runway performances.


Creative, modern, and artistic sleeves were displayed in several of the runway shows at FAT including puff, butterfly, and lantern designs. Unique and impeccable structure to each garment helped to make the sleeves stand out and become the focal feature of the collections. Some designers who jumped on this trend were MICHNAT, HOUSE OF HENDO, PURPLE HEART SUPPLY, VVEYAGO, TRISTAN REHEL, KEROTIX and MACEL. These creative sleeve designs perfectly encapsulated why fashion and art are so fluidly intertwined adding a little bit of flair to any staple piece in any wardrobe.

TRISTAN REHEL (Photo: @cosplay)

PURPLE HEART SUPPLY (Photo: @cosplay)


Denim in all colours, specifically pastel shades were a star feature on the runway. Almost each collection had patchwork, asymmetrical, or coloured denim pieces to showcase, making them easy to add to anyone’s closet. L.A. XANDR’S rainbow patchwork denim collection turned heads, while a colourful mix of bright shades screamed joy and fun in LACEL’S vibrant show. New structures and shapes to these collections encapsulated how diverse yet versatile denim can be.

VVEYAGO (Photo: @cosplay)


PURPLE HEART SUPPLY, JESSICA HALABI, TRISTAN REHEL, HOUSE OF HENDO and many other designers showed us that there can never be too many ruffles. Statement garments took over the runways with these collections displaying ruffled skirts, trains, and sleeves in copious amounts of layers, colours, and fabrics.

TRISTAN REHEL (Photo: @cosplay)

Ruffled gowns are making a fast comeback in fashion weeks all around the world, and at FAT, there was no shying away from it with many of the designers and guests in the seats along the runway embracing the return of the layered ruffle.

MS. MERI MAK (Photo: @cosplay)

MS. MERI MAK (Photo: @cosplay)


Yes, leather is still in. New modern structure and design to leather pieces were showcased in Mr. Haque’s edgy and interactive runway show mixed with a little rock & roll, glamour, and boss moves. THE MAYER OFFICAL also showed us how to pair leather staple pieces and accessories with any combination of materials, making this bold fabric a staple piece in anyone’s closet from young to well-aged. From full leather outfits like those of KEROTIX, to a smaller accessory like the edgy corset from VVEYAGO, this trend can be for anyone and doesn’t seem to be going out of style any time soon.

VVEYAGO (Photo: @cosplay)


Multi coloured mystical makeup was all over the runway at Fashion Art Toronto. L.A. Xander, showed us that this trend can be gender fluid and fun for any age. It also shows us how a subtle piece of art can really help anyone’s style and individuality stand out.

Other designers who embraced this fun and flirty makeup trend included LACEL, TRISTAN REHEL, and MR. HAQUE. All the colours of the rainbow were one-upping the earth tones when it came to beauty looks, specifically makeup on the runway. From blue eyeshadow paired with a hot pink bold lip, to glittered floral cheekbones, this look is now not only for the kids, but it can also be a part of your own bold street style.

TRISTAN REHEL (Photo: @cosplay)

LA NOUVELLE ROUTE DU COTON (Photo: @photogeneeq)

LA NOUVELLE ROUTE DU COTON (Photo: @photogeneeq)

No matter how young or old, no matter your body shape or style, no matter your confidence level, some of these trends can be a part of anyone’s wardrobe. A pair of wide leather pants, a puffy sheer sleeve, a little bright glitter on the eyelid and don’t forget the ruffles, will have you on trend without feeling like you are out of your own skin and will elevate your fashion game.

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