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WISKII CRISSCROSS BRA (Photo courtesy of WISKII Active)

When it comes to hitting the gym, comfort and functionality are key. However, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style! Elevating your gym wardrobe can boost your confidence and motivation during your workout sessions.

Here are some styling tips, prepared in collaboration with WISKII Active, to keep you looking great at the gym (and beyond):

1. Choose the Right Fabric

Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or nylon blends that help draw sweat away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable during intense workouts. These fabrics also dry quickly, preventing that uncomfortable feeling of being soaked in sweat.

High-waist energy leggings: These new leggings by WISKII are lightweight,
designed to flatter, and have stylish scalloped details. They are so versatile you can
dress them up or down and pair them with any WISKII top. (Photo courtesy of WISKII Active)

2. Invest in Quality Activewear

High-quality activewear pieces not only last longer but also provide better support and comfort. Look for well-fitted leggings, sports bras, and tops that offer compression and support where you need it most. Brands like WISKII Active, which focuses on inspiring women to embrace an active lifestyle, offer a wide range of stylish and functional activewear options.

3. Mix and Match

Create stylish gym outfits by mixing and matching different pieces in your wardrobe. Pair a colorful sports bra with neutral leggings or mix patterned leggings with a solid-colored top for a fun and trendy look. Don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.

Sleek v-neck polo playsuit: This WISKII top is a great everyday piece! It's both
comfortable (with its stretchy fabric) and trendy (with its color combination and brand
logo). The three pockets add functionality, making it perfect for casual wear or
dressing up. (Photo courtesy of WISKII Active)

4. Layer Up

Layering is not just for streetwear; it can also add style to your gym outfits. Throw on a lightweight hoodie or a stylish bomber jacket over your gym gear for a cool and athleisure-inspired look. Layering also allows you to adjust your outfit based on the temperature in the gym or during your warm-up and cool-down.

5. Accessorize Smartly

Accessorize your gym look with functional yet stylish items like a sleek water bottle, a comfortable headband to keep your hair out of your face, and a trendy gym bag to carry your essentials. Opt for accessories that complement your outfit without getting in the way of your workout.

HIGH-WAIST A-LINE TENNIS SKIRT: Soft and stylish skirt with scalloped edges.
Pairs well with a matching top for a modern, sophisticated look. (Photo courtesy of WISKII Active)

6. Choose the Right Footwear

Invest in a good pair of workout shoes that provide the support and cushioning you need for your chosen activities. Whether you're into running, weightlifting, or group fitness classes, the right shoes can enhance your performance and prevent injuries. There are several brands that offer a wide range of stylish and functional athletic shoes.

7. Don't Forget About Hair and Makeup

While you don't need a full face of makeup at the gym, a touch of waterproof mascara and tinted lip balm can help you look put together without feeling overdone. Keep your hair off your face with a stylish ponytail, braids, or a sleek bun to stay focused on your workout.

Polo button front sweatshirt: This sweatshirt combines style and comfort. It has a
button-up collar and clean design for a polished look, but the soft fabric keeps you
cozy all day long. (Photo courtesy of WISKII Active)

8. Pay Attention To Trending Colours 

Upgrade your activewear game this Spring/Summer 2024 with a chic color palette that screams sophistication and style.

- use WHITE as the base color
- add SOFT PASTEL SHADES like baby pink, mint green, or lavender for a fresh look
- wear timeless BLACK for contrast and sophistication
- incorporate BROWN as an accent color for warmth and earthiness

Pair these colors strategically to create trendy and fashion-forward looks that will make you stand out during your workouts or casual outings outside the gym.

Asymmetrical Long Sleeve Crop Top: WISKII‘s Asymmetrical Long Sleeve Crop Top
offers a charming look! With cute, scalloped edges and comfy long sleeves, this top is
perfect for everyday wear or light workouts. (Photo courtesy of WISKII Active)

By following these styling tips and incorporating the recommended color palette, you can elevate your gym look while staying comfortable and focused on your fitness goals. Remember, confidence is the best accessory you can wear, so rock your gym outfits with pride and get ready to slay your workouts in style!

WISKII Pleated Skirt: One of the all-time bestsellers (Photo courtesy of WISKII Active)

WISKII Active's mission is to inspire confidence and freedom during workouts and everyday life. Visit their chic Instagram page to find out more!

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