Wednesday, March 2, 2011


By Eva Fydrych
Photos by Giorgia Borneto & Emanuela Zampa

This unique series, originally titled "The Bathrooms", captures Italian teenage street style. All photos were taken by two young photographers, Giorgia Borneto and Emanuela Zampa, during the punk rock concert in Italy.

Anti-fashion represents an attitude of indifference about current fashion trends and sometimes about the way we dress in general. It may have a form of creating new trends that are in opposition of the mainstream fashion or simply not caring about one's appearance; wearing inexpensive or worn out clothes without labels and mixing different styles to achieve a casual, nonchalant look

Anti-fashion is against labels, designers, and brand names. It challenges conventional beauty and fashion advertisements. It forces us to take a fresh look at our approach to fashion and re-evaluate the way we dress.

All photos by Giorgia Borneto & Emanuela Zampa

The anti-fashion movement was born as an alternative to mainstream fashion and it had many different forms during the last decades. In the early 20th century Coco Chanel created a "poor girl" look for the rich women that would dress like everyone else. However, the quality of the clothes was visible under close inspection. Grunge was probably one of the strongest manifestations of fashion rebellion. In the 1990's there was a minimalist style called "anti-fashion" which was demonstrated by not wearing any designer labels; just plain black jeans and a t-shirt.

Manipulation and consumerism

When French designer Philippe Stark created his ready-to-wear collection in 2009, he said in an interview for Le Figaro and The Guardian:

"Although the work of (its) creators is fantastic, I will never be idiotic enough to do fashion. The public will take maybe three years to understand the concept. It's not fashion. We won't be very big in the newspapers. The clothes are non-photogenic. But intelligent people will know to discover us. (...) Let's hope fashion in design will disappear. There is a lack of respect when the media says "You must be dressed in pink" and some poor girl dresses in pink, and six months later, when it says "You must dress in green" she's a monster in her pink dress. We can't accept this kind of manipulation."

Stark blames the fashion industry and fashion press for creating a vicious cycle of consumerism and for this material, energy, and money waste.

Eco living

In January 2011 there was a fashion show called "Anti-Fashion" in London, UK. In April 2011 there will be  another one - the Eco Feminist Fashion Show.

"The fashion show will highlight clothing designers and spaces that are focused on sweatshop free, ethically made, sustainable, second hand, reworked/reused, hand/locally made, and fairly traded clothing.

The goal of this event is to bring attention to the many ways in which the mainstream fashion industry is harmful to women and society in general. We will bring light to the fashion industry’s unethical production, sexist and objectifying advertising, and the destruction of the environment which impacts women’s health and well being across the world." - Source: Eco Living London

On the web

There are a lot of websites and internet portals that are totally devoted to anti-fashion.

"The Anti-fashion league endorses your right to wear what you want, whatever decade, year, month or week it is. Liberate yourself from the constraints of this society inflicted emotional and financial abuse, by the name of 'Fashion'." - Source: Anti-fashion League

"If fashion is following, then anti-fashion is... not following! (...)  Anti-fashion is about doing what you want, wearing what you want, and not giving a damn about what anyone else thinks."- Source: Mooky Chick

A strong response to all those overly fashion conscious?

Source: Anti-Fashion Blog


If you would like to see more of Giorgia's work, please leave a comment below!


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