Friday, March 4, 2011


By Natalie Hemmati

"I think fashion is something you can laugh about forever, but in the end, it's the most difficult thing to laugh at because people take it so seriously." - Franco Moschino

If you had to be dressed by one designer who would it be? Who is the BEST designer in the world? As a fashion student, these are questions that I am frequently asked. To tell you the truth, there is no such designer as the BEST designer. The word “best” embodies a very vague and subjective response. In my opinion, “best” is best interpreted as influential, which instantaneously brings a multitude of designers in mind. However, if held at gun point I would say that one of the most influential designers of our time is Franco MOSCHINO.

Moschino was acclaimed for his eccentric, abstract, and avant garde collections (particularly, the Cheap and Chic collection) and ads. He was an advocate of using unconventional fabrics and prints. His designs reflected the luxurious feminine sexiness of Italian culture, yet they relayed sociopolitical messages. Moschino’s brand image quickly caught the eye of the public and was popularized into a fashion house during the 1980’s.

“So what. How does that make him one of the best designers?”, the gunslinger anxiously asks. “Well”, I reply, “Moschino’s philosophy was to create stylistic collages that allowed people to be themselves. His garments represented self-expression”.

You and I, along with every other trend follower, can attest that, often times, what is trendy is not what we find comfortable, or even dare I say it, fashionable. Emphasis on the shoulders, and edgy straight lines are in style and have been for the past few years. However, a heavy set shouldered swimmer may not agree with this fashion statement. Sometimes the opposite is your breaking point. You could be the trendiest, hippest girl in the world, and suddenly you notice that there are many others just like you, who also waited in line for two hours at H & M to purchase that same Lanvin gown. Although your love for the Lanvin dress has not diminished, your individuality has.

Being a fashionista, I have so many genres and style of clothing in my wardrobe that I find it pleasing to know that when I wake up in a cheerful witty mood, I can easily put on my yellow jeans and a white silk blouse. At the same time, if I happen to wake up on the opposite side of the bed, I can easily opt for ripped jeans and my favourite Mick Jagger t-shirt. I know that just because the colour palette for Spring 2011 is vibrant hues, it does not mean I have to abide by these rules. Parallel to my music, I choose my wardrobe based upon my mood that day or night. In Franco Moschino’s own words:

“I am the chef in the sense that I follow classical recipes that time itself has invented.”

Every great designer offers the world a different outlook to self expression. With that belief in mind, Franco Moschino designed his collections to emulate the wearer’s state of mind. He challenged conventional styles and textures. To this day, the MOSCHINO brand continues to offer dress as a form of communication.

By Natalie Hemmati

Ready-to-wear Spring 2011
Source: Elle, Vogue

"Fashion should be fun and should send a message." - Franco Moschino

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