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Occupation: Model & Actress
Agency: R-crew
City: Tokyo, Japan

FASHION STUDIO: How did you get into modelling?

MAYA: I used to live in Siena, Italy for 3 years, I was 21 years old. Until then, I always wanted to become a singer. Right before I go back to Japan, I got an advertisement job coincidently from a photographer who always has been seeing me on the street. 

I used to have different feeling about modeling job, but it changed my perspective. I felt, “this is so cool.”

FASHION STUDIO: Do you remember your first photo shoot?

MAYA: Yes of course! So my first photo shoot is my first job, and first encounter of modeling. It was the advertisement for Honda Cronomoto (Motor bike). Hair & Make up were awesome, like Geisya edgy-style, my hair was like head crest! I was lucky enough to meet artistic “Moda” from the first time. 

FASHION STUDIO: What are the good and the bad sides of being a model?

MAYA: Good part is be able to travel, and meet so many fantastic people. And also because of my job, I highly concern about my health which is obviously good. Bad part I haven’t found it yet, I’m just so happy about myself and what I choose everyday. 

FASHION STUDIO: Which type of projects do you enjoy most? 

MAYA: I love fashion show. I love catwalk. Preparing for long hours and it is all about 30seconds. The concentration of energy, to focus, entertaining the audience, this is just so exciting. Thrill. Only one chance…. 

But also I have a lot of fun with photo shoot. Especially high fashion / artistic style. It’s about the collaboration of forces of photographer, Makeup artist, Stylist, Hair stylist, Model, to create a masterpiece by using the magic of light. 

FASHION STUDIO: Which famous photographer would you like to work with? 

MAYA: I would like to work with Benjamin Lee and Guido Argentini. They are my good friends but I still haven’t worked with them yet! 

Also I would like to work with Shaun Alexander, Andrea Klarin, Javier Galue, Raya, Claus Wickrath, Zena Holloway. 

FASHION STUDIO: What has been your biggest challenge so far?

MAYA: Every time it’s the biggest and most important job. Big or small doesn’t matter. I just put my energy 100% for any work and that’s it. 

FASHION STUDIO: You speak four languages and travel around the world on a regular basis. What is your favourite city? 

MAYA: I love Paris. I love there so much and I even don’t want to live there because it must be always my dream land, so to speak. You know, when you live somewhere you get used to it and become kind of neutral. I don’t want Paris to be like that for me. 

Also I loved London, I think that’s my ideal city to live. 

FASHION STUDIO: Tell us a little bit more about your life in Italy. Why did you decide to move there? 

MAYA: My mother is an opera singer, my father is a conductor, composer. And my mother does seminar with other Japanese opera singers to Italy often, so I got chances to go there when I was young. When I’m there, I just feel so natural. Also when I speak Italian language, I can express myself fully, more than my native language. 

FASHION STUDIO: What are the biggest differences between Japanese and Western culture?

MAYA: Western = Individualism, Spontaneity, Dualism; Japan = Collectivity, Cooperation, Animism. But, obviously it depends on each person in the end, and now it’s slightly changing. I think these differences are getting mixed and becoming a good balance. 

FASHION STUDIO; How did your life change after you won the World Supermodel Pageant in Australia last year? What responsibilities do you now have? 

MAYA: Thanks to this Miss title, I get many offers to do seminars. Since I’ve been doing activity for environmental issues and animal rights, I’m so grateful to get these opportunities to speak up in front of people.

I think now I have the responsibility to represent my country, through all understandings about all cultures of all countries, to make this planet more harmonized, while respecting each other. 

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe the fashion industry in Tokyo?

MAYA: I’m surprised that it’s very international by now, and I love it. But often I need more edgy, crazy, artistic style without any limitation. 

FASHION STUDIO: Who is your favourite Japanese designer? 

MAYA: Miss Ashida.

FASHION STUDIO: What would you say about Japanese street fashion?

MAYA: Because of Japanese people tend to do same thing as others do, there are certain groups of fashion. And I don’t really like that. But some of them are so funny. Also, I think there’s no big difference when they are just walking street and going to party, because everybody tends to wear so nicely anytime. But I think this makes no fun and freshness. 

FASHION STUDIO: Who is your fashion icon?

MAYA: No one but everyone I can say. It’s not even necessarily human being. I take impression from all arts, sceneries, natures, characters…

FASHION STUDIO: What kind of clothes do you like most? What is your personal style?

MAYA: Vivid, strong, sexy, but yet some elegance. But it depends on occasion too. And I wear what I want to wear from my instinct, and there’s no much thinking. Oh, by the way I love Versace.

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe your personality?

MAYA: Just like my photos, I have many faces I think. I have many extremities, such as I can be very mature but sometimes like a child. But my core is always curiosity, fun, and happiness. 

FASHION STUDIO: What is your life philosophy?

MAYA: Everything is neutral. All happenings, all matters. But you can change them as you perceive.

I see this Universe as a beautiful place, full of arts, beauties, and excitements. That’s because I decided to perceive so. And my aim is always, to express from my soul, to give my energy to all others. 

FASHION STUDIO: What is your biggest dream?

MAYA: Being an actress, obviously my scope is get an Oscar winning. But eventually, I would like to direct films also. And also, as being a spokesperson, I will always continue to do many projects, activities for environment and animal issues. 

FASHION STUDIO: When did you start your blog and how often do you write?

MAYA: I think it was after I come back from Italy, 2007. When I started I used to write very often but these days I almost never upload. Also because Facebook is much easier to use, and I don’t have much time to sit in front of the computer. 

FASHION STUDIO: What projects are you currently working on?

MAYA: I’m working as a main model for hair products brand Amatora. I have another shooting in this month as well. Also, I got an advertisement job for BMW MINI JAPAN.

My another big project is a feature film by Swiss production. Shooting will be in April. Oh, also, I have a seminar with Tree of Life, the biggest Japanese aroma brand in Taiwan in April. A lot of other things. And I’m so happy. 

FASHION STUDIO: What advice would you give to all aspiring models?

MAYA: Always to try to be better than you from yesterday. Never compete with others. Just do your best, and beat yourself. Get knowledge and profound thoughts, they appear in the photo. Know how to move your body. And the most important thing is, never forget the gratitude for all others, and have a fun!

By Eva Fydrych
All photos courtesy of Maya Murofushi

Maya recommends: Japanese fashion designer MISS ASHIDA

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