Monday, March 21, 2011


By Amanda Martinez

Fashion is something that us fashionistas look forward to every year, every season, and every holiday. Fashion is such a big deal. I mean I’m already thrilled about the latest trends. Are you fashionistas ready for what we must look fashionable in this season because it’s just in!?! I am and I’ll be giving you the 411.

  • Stripes and colorful patterns are definitely in for the Spring. Go stripes!!

  • Those strappy platforms are very sexy and of course never go out of style; the same thing goes for wedges.

  • The slouchy button down for men on the ladies. Watch out guys. You got competition!

  • The color red is still rocking so remember when you ladies flaunt that red dress it will most likely be a head turner. With that said, red lips are a very rich color that gets more and more popular.

  • Cardigans of course are all around the city and loved by fashionista’s. What’s actually in style now is a cardigan with a thin belt wrapped around it.

  • While military continues to march on, animal print continues to be wild and floral print continues to blossom.

  • Denim of course, never goes out of style. It only adds to the industry, so continue to add it to your wardrobe.

  • Vintage is still alive and rocking!

  • What about the idea of two contrasting colors coming together?! Have you ever seen the black and white cookie? Awesome right? Well now you can look as awesome with black and white dresses, shirts, scarfs, hats, and so much more.

  • Ever wanted to walk with something sparkly, dark, and sexy? Well now is the time. Grab yourself a sequined wool sweater tank with some leather tights and maybe even a cardigan. Whether you choose to go with the cardigan or not let it be based on your individual and not someone else because remember that I can wear that same cool Hollister shirt that you wear but what you add to it makes it yours and fashionable.

Source: Fashion Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Style Bust 

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