Tuesday, July 26, 2011


By Jada Lombard

Natural Sunscreen
Don’t leave home without it!

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As a Make-Up Artist and skincare fanatic, clients often ask, “How can I improve the appearance of my skin?” My response is pretty basic; drink enough water, don’t smoke, stay the heck out of the sun, use a botanical skin care regime, and apply an all natural sunscreen when out in the sun. Sounds pretty simple right? Well, this hasn’t always been the case. Take sunscreen for instance. Prior to the last 10 years, it was very difficult to find an all natural sunscreen. However, today, all one needs to do is enter natural sunscreen into their favorite search engine and voila, you can now peruse numerous companies offering this wonderful product! 

One such company is Goddess Garden. Based in Boulder, CO, this company offers a wide range of natural, organic products including eye gel, organic baby wash, facial cream, and 4 different types of sunscreen, including one for babies! Products range in price from $1.99 to $45.99, and from studying the product ingredients and product reviews, they are worth every penny! To shop on-line follow this link: Natural Sunscreen Line.

Another best buy when it comes to natural sunscreen comes from a company called Loving Naturals, based in Alton, NH. You can purchase it in a stick or a squeeze tube, in traditional or Clear formula.They even offer sunscreen lip balm! Prices range from $4.99 to $29.99, and take it from me, the products are fantastic and worth their weight in gold. To purchase just log onto their website: Loving Naturals Skin Care.

For more information on where to purchase natural sunscreen, check out the EWG’s list, The top sunscreen’s of 2011 here at Best SunscreensEnjoy the sunshine!! 

Jada Lombard

Makeup Artist 
Owner of The Green Bath & Beauty Company 


Photo by Getty Images


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