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By Christine Teskey

Stand out fashion neighbourhoods 

Photo courtesy of Shopping Guide

There are cities in the world where fashion is wherever you go. High-end designer shops and established brands line the streets. You find well dressed people, ones that look like they stepped out of a fashion magazine. New York, Los Angeles and Paris come to mind, but Toronto is actually one of those cities. Shopping is a main activity for Torontonians and there are some very nice spots to shop here. Shoppers take note — here are the stand out neighbourhoods to see and be seen in. 


You’ll want to don your Louis Vitton here or at least your best knock-off. Yorkville is a five-star oasis. You’ll want to look the part in this polished setting. Mixed within the upscale restaurants and hotels, are luxury boutiques. Prada, Chanel, Burberry, and Gucci are among the luxury labels. This neighbourhood becomes more glamorous when the Toronto International Film Festival comes into town every September. Hollywood celebrities flock here to dine, sleep and shop. It’s also normal to find people here wearing couture fashions even on their days off. 

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Liberty Village

Fashionable, trendy, but a lot more laid back then Yorkville. Liberty Village is a city itself, with its old brick buildings and cobblestone pathways, you’ll think you’re in another city completely. There are plenty of unique finds here for everyone. Independent boutiques, and local cafes and restaurants line the streets. You’ll find smartly dressed people in their 20s and 30s that flaunt their hobo bags and rubber boots. Luxury brands have graced this neighbourhood, on the runways at LG Fashion Week. The unique and spacious warehouses here make for a perfect event venue. 

Vocado Boutique; Photo by Sarah Kelsey

Kensington Market

With a thrift shop feel, this eccentric neighbourhood is overloaded with cheap vintage shops. It reminds you of a 70s inspired street market. It’s a place to wander around on foot to get a sense of Toronto’s rich culture. Shops import goods from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean. This is an exciting and upbeat area where you’ll find music in the air to entice customers to come in for their next great find. 

Vintage dress $99; Photo by Eva Fydrych


Trendy and stylish, a lot like its neighbouring hot spot Queen Street West used to be. This burgeoning neighbourhood on Queen Street East features vintage furniture shops and fashion stores. The discoveries here are endless and you might just get lucky and find a Chanel jacket. This tight-knit community consists of a lot of people who work and live in the same area, which is why this is a more relaxing spot then the super-hyped Queen Street West. This is one of Toronto’s hippest spots. It’s yet to be touched by big box retailers and luxury designer stores.

Leslieville street sign; Photo by H.Boldt


Christine Teskey is a Canadian model, dancer (trained in jazz and burlesque), actress, photographer, graphic designer, and writer. She is an outgoing person, interested in extreme sports, such as surfing, as well as adventure travel. But at the same time, her true passion is fashion and beauty.

Her fashion experience includes the completion of the Sutherland Models female modeling course, several photoshoots, and runways shows. She studied journalism and interned at Elle Canada magazine.

Website: Christine Teskey

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