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Press Release

Jakarta Fashion Week
3 - 9 November 2012

Photo courtesy of JFW

JAKARTA - Jakarta Fashion Week is Southeast Asia's definitive fashion event held annually to highlight Indonesian fashion industry and establish Jakarta as a reputable fashion capital in Asia. This year more than 59 shows featuring over 180 designers will present their latest collections on 3rd – 9th November 2012 in Plaza Senayan Jakarta. This time around, the event has also attracted the attention of several prominent international buyers from major international retailers, including Isetan Department Store of Japan and Harvey Nichols of Britain, who have confirmed their attendance.

The event opened November 3rd by featuring the creation of two maestros: Sebastian Gunawan from Indonesia and Lie Sang Bong from South Korea. Sebastian Gunawan is one of Indonesia’s leading designers who has won various international recognitions including the ‘International Apparel Federation World Young Designer Award’ in Barcelona in 2004. Lie Sang Bong, who is now based in Paris, was crowned as ‘The Best Designer of the Year in 2009’ in Seoul and has been showing at Paris Fashion Week since 2002. Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Rihanna have been reported to have worn his creations.

Lie Sang Bong fashion show during Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 at PLaza Senayan
on November 3, 2012 in Jakarta. (Photo by Irvan Arryawan/Feminagroup)

Day two, the Indonesian edition of Grazia magazine will feature the show Grazia Glitz & Glam to showcase the fashion creations of local celebrities. Following that, young designers of Thailand, Payapa and Paul Direk will adorn the runway. Other highlights include the Pia Alisjahbana Award, named after one of the founders of the Femina Group and patron saint of the Indonesian fashion and cultural scenes, to show appreciation for designers who are deemed to share her spirit and commitment toward the industry. Anne Avantie, an Indonesian designer who has revolutionized the traditional kebaya in opulent maximalist styling, will close the night. 

Day three will portray the creation of young aspiring designers from various learning institutions in Jakarta, including those from LaSalle College International Jakarta, Raffles Institute of Higher Education, and Binus International. Afterwards, high- end batik label Parang Kencana will present their collection. Other highlight includes an omnibus show of senior designers grouped under The Indonesian Fashion Designer Council (IPMI): Carmanita, Denny Wirawan, Ari Seputra and Chossy Latu.

Day Four belongs to the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers & Enterpreneurs (APPMI) including Afif Syakur, Anastasia, Oki Wong, Marga Alam, Dennis Sarotta among others. Designer Sebastian Gunawan, who appeared in the opening show, will close the day. This time around he is collaborating with the Indonesian Heart Foundation in a charity show.

Sebastian Gunawan fashion show during Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 at Plaza Senayan
on November 3, 2012 in Jakarta. (Photo by Budi Harianto/Feminagroup)

Day five is the time for Moslem fashion to shine as many designers from the APPMI group will showcase creativity within the scope of Islamic law as interpreted by these creative souls. Day six will feature one of Indonesia’s beloved senior designers Obin. The last show of the day is Ardistia New York, a modern, streamlined ready to wear line with a presence in America.

Day Six will close with several key events. First, eight labels selected by the organizers of JFW to receive grueling training by the London-based Centre of Fashion Enterprise will showcase the fruits of their labor. The day will end with the most anticipated show of them all: this year’s best five designers as curated by leading fashion publication Dewi magazine in their Dewi Fashion Knights program.

The Jakarta Fashion Week is organized by the Femina Group, one of Indonesia’s leading media companies. This is the fifth time the JFW is being held.
Source: Femina Group

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  1. Will you be featuring the work from the collaboration between Northumbria University from the UK and Binus University?

    1. Hello, thank you for your message. Not this time, I'm afraid. But we will be featuring another student showcase shortly (Singapore Polytechnic).
      All the best,

    2. UPDATE: Yes, we will be presenting Binus International fashion show that took place last Monday. It was really interesting! (I will be posting the link shortly, Eva)

  2. Please find the link below:


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