Tuesday, December 18, 2012


By Eva Fydrych

Etre - Made in the British Isles

Photo courtesy of Etre

In the second part of our Christmas Shopping Guide, Fashion Studio Magazine brings you a unique product by a British label - Etre.

While browsing their Autumn/Winter 2012 lookbook, we found stylish Etre Touchy Wool Gloves which are just perfect as a Christmas gift. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!

Fashion Studio Favourite:

Etre Touchy Wool Gloves, Price: £40 GBP

So what is so special about Etre Touchy Wool Gloves? First of all, they come without the thumb and index fingertips which allows you to do several things in wintry conditions - you can still text, tweet and take photos without the need for taking your gloves off. They not only look stylish, but also keep you warm and make using your electronic devices much more comfortable.

What's more, the woolen gloves are manufactured in a traditional family-run mill in Scotland which uses state of the art machinery to prevent fibre damage, and the wool is sourced from the highest quality yarn in Australia. The design is trendy and fashionable, and you can choose between 4 different colours.

Etre Touchy Wool Gloves (Photo courtesy of Etre)

Etre has other great products in their Autumn/Winter 2012 catalogue, so have a look at their latest collection below.

Photo courtesy of Etre

Photo courtesy of Etre

Photo courtesy of Etre

Photo courtesy of Etre


Etre Autumn/Winter 2012 collection draws on the understated but characterful traditions of British workwear. It looks to the best time-tested solutions from the past, pioneering innovative solutions where history offers no blueprint. The collection thus includes traditional fishermen's sweaters, knitted to a design familiar to generations of fishermen's wives and customised with motifs originating in the centuries-old fishing communities of Polperro and Staithes, alongside the innovative Etre Touchy and FIVEPOINT gloves, designed specifically for use with modern mobile devices.

Each piece is lovingly crafted in the British Isles, using ethically sourced, time-honoured British materials. Workwear jackets are fabricated from 100 percent Melton wool manufactured by a 150-year-old family business in West Yorkshire. Gansey and Guernsey jumpers are knitted from the finest 5-ply worsted wool, spun and dyed in Yorkshire mills that have been turning out the same material for generations. Leather gloves are made by a family business established in 1944, now one of the last surviving glove manufacturers in the UK. Bags are fabricated by a small Cornish company.

Timeless and durable, this is clothing in which to invest emotional energy, safe in the knowledge that it will be with you for years, improving with wear before eventually being handed on for others to enjoy.
Source: Etre

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