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By Varvara Kameneva 

Summer Coming Through The Door

Proenza Schouler, Tsumori Chisato, Moschino (Photos by Getty Images)

Look at your calendar right now and realize that summer season is only in one month from now. But that’s “official” summer, don’t mix it up with actual summer. And that, my ladies, is just around the corner. The weather is getting warmer; the layers of clothes are getting lighter. So, now you need to figure out what is out there that you could wear for this summer fair. 


All the designers this Spring/Summer season decided to go with the classic lines. Vertical or horizontal – no one cares, as long as you spice it up with colors. Yeah, black and white is a classic, but how about white and red? Or white and yellow? Just a little reminder: vertical lines look good on the bottom and they elongate your legs and horizontal lines are for the upper body. 

Photos courtesy of Fashionology 101

Polka Dot 

And yet another classic look is back in style and fashion runways. This time it is only black and white. Remember the polka dot dresses in the 60s? Look at the photo – this is going to be your pick of the season and a dress with polka dot design, or a skirt, will stay in your closet forever and will never go out of style. 

Photo courtesy of Fashionology 101


And in this one you could play around. From Louis Vuitton’s new collection in checkers to abstract patterns, animal prints, tropical and of course floral and original pattern with optical illusions – these are the trends of this summer. And don’t forget to mix and match. Play around a bit, but play it safe, these patterns are unforgivable. Decide on the color pattern first and that will help create something original. 

Photos courtesy of Fashionology 101


God Save the Queen! Old school punk is back again this summer season. If you are a daredevil – take out your old clothes that has holes in it, or make them yourself, leather jacket, before it gets pretty hot outside and mix it with big army boots – you’ll be ready to look anarchistic. Punk is a style with and without a style. You could be completely right and completely wrong. My advice – don’t overdo it, especially if you are a sweet little girl. Baby steps, ladies, baby steps. Most of us own a leather jacket. I even have one with studs. I wear it every single day, just because I love it, not because I used to be a punk in my teens (it is still somewhere there). As a teen, who liked punk sub-culture, with a French sense of style, that my mom gave me, it was really hard to combine both, fashion and punk. But as I got older I realized – punk is not only anarchy, loud music and style of life. Punk is simplicity in everything. Don’t overthink it. Feel it. That’s all that matters. 

Photo courtesy of Fashionology 101

Fashion on its own is simple. You actually have to feel what you are wearing. You have to believe in it and in yourself. And that’s when you won’t need the designers to tell you what to wear; you would wear it before all the magazines would say that it in this season. Be yourself and make new rules in fashion. 

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