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By Eva Fydrych

The Magical World of Château Monfort

Photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

MILAN - Château Monfort, a luxury hotel overlooking Piazza Tricolore, is a dream destination for those seeking an escape from the monotony of everyday life.

The historic building of this beautiful hotel dates back to 1905. It was created by the architect Paolo Mezzanotte who also designed Milan's Stock Exchange Building. The story goes that it was commissioned by a wealthy Milanese family as the dowry for their daughters.

Today Château Monfort is a perfect blend of Art Nouveau architecture with a fairy tale atmosphere of a fantasy kingdom. The hotel's interior is inspired by art, theatre, music, and fashion.

Reception (Photo courtesy of Château Monfort) Click to enlarge

"With this property we wanted to present something really never explored up till today in the scenario of Italian hospitality, a new concept: Urban Château - explains Sofia Gioia Vedani, Architect and CEO of Planetaria Hotels - A new framework distinguished by a strong identity, fantasy, imagination, to give an answer to those who live in the city, and not only to tourists who stay overnight, a magical place to dream... without leaving the city".

Château Monfort won the Certificate of Excellence 2013 and is considered by Trip Advisor as one of the best hotels in Milan.

 Uccello di Fuoco Junior Suite (Photo courtesy of Château Monfort)

Cindarella Suite (Photo courtesy of Château Monfort)

Thanks to Planetaria Hotels' hospitality, I had a chance to spend a wonderful night at Château Monfort during my recent trip to Milan. I also managed to interview Mr Licino Garavaglia, the Hotel Director, and ask him a couple of questions about this impressive property.

FASHION STUDIO: What words best describe the style of Château Monfort?

MR GARAVAGLIA: Fairy tale style. It is the best place to return to childhood.

FASHION STUDIO: What is unique about the hotel's location?

MR GARAVAGLIA: Everything is unique. Each room is different and has unique characteristics. The calm of the property allows you to relax and live an unforgettable experience.

Photo courtesy of Château Monfort

FASHION STUDIO: What advantages has this hotel over other five-stars hotels in Milan? Why do people come back to Château Monfort?

MR GARAVAGLIA: There is a couple of reasons...
  • Free Wi-Fi in the public areas and in the rooms too
  • Pet friendly kit
  • Chromotherapy in all rooms
  • Mp3 connection with sound system in each room
  • Spa
  • Lounge Bar

FASHION STUDIO: When it comes to new technology and innovative products, what three amenities do you think set the hotel apart from its competitors?

MR GARAVAGLIA: Wi-Fi free, Spa "Amore & Psiche", Lounge Bar Mezzanotte.

Spa "Amore & Psiche" (Photo courtesy of Château Monfort)

FASHION STUDIO: What dining options are available for the hotel guests?

MR GARAVAGLIA: Rubacuori Restaurant - in the three different restaurant's areas the setting of a majestic dining hall in modern style turns into a cozy living room richly furnished, or in an English club style revised in an ironic way, where staying even for a break at mid morning, or a business meeting.

Another area born to be the heart of the hotel is the Mezzanotte Lounge Bar, where Eberhard & Co custom made clock stands out from the counter. Dominated by a large glass dome and a valuable counter - exceptional items from the early twentieth century - is a location that lends itself to mark the different stages of the day with breakfast pastries, light lunch, aperitifs and relaxing after dinner with the best drinks created by our barman.

Lounge Bar (Photo courtesy of Château Monfort)

Rubacuori Restaurant (Photo courtesy of Château Monfort)

Buffet (Photo courtesy of Château Monfort) 

FASHION STUDIO: What leisure facilities does the hotel offer?

MR GARAVAGLIA: Our Multimedia Table with special discounted fashion shops, best restaurants and itineraries selection.

FASHION STUDIO: Which shopping spots in Milan would you recommend? How far are they from the hotel?

MR GARAVAGLIA: Château Monfort is located within walking distance from the main shopping district (Via Montenapoleone, Via Manzoni and Via della Spiga).

FASHION STUDIO: What is the most fashionable suite in the hotel and why?

MR GARAVAGLIA: The Bohème Suite is an open space with comfort and intimacy. The reference opera's world is direct, with exceptional interiors that like theatre stage recreate seductive environment able to go beyond the traditional outfits. The four-poster bed becomes a princess alcove, while the twenties' bath located in the room adds a touch of poetry and originality. What makes our suite unique are the skylights that radiate during the day with natural light and allow the quests to fall asleep at night under the spell of a starry sky.

Bohème Suite (Photo courtesy of Château Monfort)

 Bohème Suite (Photo courtesy of Château Monfort)

Bohème Suite (Photo courtesy of Château Monfort)

FASHION STUDIO: The hotel industry is cyclical and sensitive to global economy. What are your views on the current European economy and its potential effect on tourism in Italy, or Europe in general, for the next year?

MR GARAVAGLIA: I think that Italy's recession will continue in 2014, but I hope that this global crisis will end as soon as possible.

FASHION STUDIO: What does managing Château Monfort involve; what is your typical day?

MR GARAVAGLIA: I welcome every single guest and make sure that everything is OK.

Magic Tree (Photo courtesy of Château Monfort)

FASHION STUDIO: What obstacles do you face in trying to achieve your goal of managing the hotel?

MR GARAVAGLIA: The economic situation is one of the biggest obstacles because the buying power is reduced.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you so much for your time. It was a pleasure talking to you. Is there anything you would like to add?

MR GARAVAGLIA: Spending a few days in our Urban Château means a complete escape from the routine and even from the usual concept of a holiday. Because often there is no need to go far, the most important thing is to choose the right location.

And I couldn't agree more!
Eva Fydrych

Château Monfort - Photo Diary

Room decoration (All photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

The Mezzanotte Lounge Bar features a glass dome

Inside Château Monfort

All photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Elegant interior design

Stylish furniture

Room 209

Comfortable armchair, perfect for reading a book

Beautiful bedroom

Simple yet stylish design


Unique wardrobe doors

Owls inside the wardrobe

Spacious wardrobe

All photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine


Château Monfort is situated in the heart of one of the most exclusive districts of the city, just behind Piazza San Babila, very close to the "quadrilatero" fashion district that begins at Via Montenapoleone and within walking distance from Milan's Duomo.

It is located in a strategic position and is well connected with the nearby Milano Linate airport. In fact, the taxi stand in Piazza Tricolore, opposite the Hotel, is conveniently close. Alternatively guests can travel to and from the airport by bus, tram and underground railway, which they also use to easily reach any part of the city.

Source: Château Monfort

Perfect place for a fashion photoshoot (Photo courtesy of Gilt Magazine)

Corso Concordia, 1
20129 Milan

Tel. +39 02 77676.1
Fax. +39 02 77676.832

*Special thank you to Château Monfort for inviting Fashion Studio Magazine to stay at the hotel.


  1. Amazing design. I was always attracted by stylish, themed hotels. Perhaps Milano is one of the best places for checking these out?
    I must definitely visit Milan one day!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I would also recommend Barcelona:

      Enjoy your trip!


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