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Photo courtesy of Birks & Mayors

Montreal (Canada), August 15, 2013Maison Birks, the leading Canadian jeweller founded in Montreal in 1879, is proud to unveil its new corporate identity which is supported by the launch of a new advertising campaign. The new branding and advertising offensive clearly express the refreshing and modern experience offered by the jeweller to its customers while remaining faithful to the brand's rich legacy, as it enters its 135th year of existence.

In collaboration with Sid Lee, which assisted the Company with the strategic development of its new identity, Maison Birks proposes a modified logo but will retain its emblematic blue box, which has brought joy to its customers for over a century. The launch coincides today with the opening of Maison Birks’ first mono-brand store, located in the Mapleview shopping centre in Burlington, Ontario.

"Birks has been a household name in Montreal and in the rest of Canada for nearly 135 years, and it remains the reference in terms of quality and prestige for consumers and connoisseurs across the country. While attesting to our rich history, the new corporate identity rejuvenates Maison Birks' brand proposition, and allows Canadians to discover Maison Birks in all its purity. This is a historic moment for our company," declared Jean-Christophe Bédos, President and CEO of Birks & Mayors Inc.

Photo courtesy of Birks & Mayors

Starting today and during the fall of 2013, several visual branding elements will be implemented with a view to providing the store network with a breath of fresh air and modernity. These changes are already visible at the two new Birks mono-brand boutiques that are opening: the first in the Mapleview shopping centre in Burlington, Ontario, today, and the second in the Square of Quartier DIX30 in Montreal, Quebec, next week.

In addition to the guiding principles of its brand identity, Maison Birks has revisited its vision and mission. Supported by Montreal's Sid Lee agency, the leading jeweller has transformed its logo which now includes a diamond shape referencing the Company's expertise in diamonds and the year the Company was founded, 1879. The jeweller's new name, "La Maison Birks", takes a place of pride, evoking the Company's rich legacy on the eve of its 135th anniversary. At the heart of the new visual platform is the kaleidoscope, a playful window into the different elements that are part of the Birks brand DNA.

Sid Lee also accompanied Maison Birks in the conception of its new mono-brand stores, where only Birks jewellery is available. The jeweller has 16 new prestige collections, including its bridal collections, made of Canadian diamonds. The new store proposes a welcoming environment where the clients can admire closely Birks’ jewellery creations, in a refreshing, modern and inspiring decor.

Photo courtesy of Birks & Mayors

“We have had the chance to revisit an iconic brand in synergy with its ultimate application: the store. This allowed us to imagine an original presence for the brand, completely integrated in its physical environment,” said Hélène Godin, Executive Creative Vice President, at Sid Lee Montreal.

At the same time, the Company is launching a brand new advertising campaign highlighting its Canadian heritage while capitalising on its prestigious image. Maison Birks is conveying its values to a multi-generational clientele, which includes Generation Y, a segment of the utmost importance to the jeweller. Developed by Sid Lee but implemented by Montreal-based agency Tuxedo, the new advertising campaign features the kaleidoscope concept, Maison Birks' new signature theme. The campaign will be rolled out over the next few weeks in a number of different media.

About Maison Birks

Birks & Mayors is a leading retailer and owner of 54 prestige jewellery stores in Canada and the United States. The company runs 31 Birks stores located in most of Canada's major urban areas, 20 Mayors stores in Florida and Georgia, two Brinkhaus stores in Calgary and Vancouver, and one Rolex store in Orlando. Founded in 1879, Maison Birks has, over the years, become Canada's number one retailer, designer and manufacturer of high-end jewellery, watches, sterling and silver plated silverware as well as gifts. For more information, visit
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