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By Eva Fydrych
Photos by Owen McLeod

Fashion beyond trends

Photos: Owen McLeod for Fashion Studio Magazine

TORONTO - One of our favourite Canadian designers, Stephan Caras, showed his latest collection on the fifth day of World MasterCard® Fashion Week.

Stephan Caras was inspired by the parallels between the pearl and femininity for Spring/Summer 2014. The collection’s flowing fabrics mimic the fluid nature of the pearl in a palette of blush hues and accentuated undertones.

It was, in our opinion, one of the best shows of the Fashion Week. What we liked most about the collection was an elegant colour palette, from classic black & white to delicate pink, high quality fabrics and great attention to detail. It was interesting to see new shapes and silhouettes for the evening wear such as combining shorts with elegant blouses. A lot of dresses had unexpected cuts and decorative jewellery elements which gave them a fresh and unique character.

Congratulations on another great show in Toronto!

Stephan Caras Spring/Summer 2014

Photos: Owen McLeod for Fashion Studio Magazine

Photos: Owen McLeod for Fashion Studio Magazine


"For all my collections, inspiration comes from the femininity that women exude. I respect and admire this quality. My objective is always the same: how to translate and materialize this femininity into something that any woman can wear, and express this at her best. I never pre-determine the look or the shape of my collection. I am not influenced by trends and I like to express my individuality through a woman's natural femininity. I let my imagination take me down the path of creativity. I build my collections as I draw from this inspiration, and "feminine sensuality" defines it."

Source: Stephan Caras

Photos: Owen McLeod for Fashion Studio Magazine


"Fashion is not about trends. Trends come and go and do not necessarily express every woman's inner femininity. Fashion is an expression; it is a statement of inner beauty and sensuality. The way we dress demonstrates our individuality and the depth of our sensuality. Women exude elegance and class by wearing a timeless, well-fitted outfit, rather than following elaborate and short-lived trends. A subtle accessory can often achieve a more desired look."
Source: Stephan Caras

Photos: Owen McLeod for Fashion Studio Magazine


"Colours are very personal. We should not feel compelled to wear a particular colour because it is the current trend. We should choose colours that work best with each individual's complexity. Our skin, hair, and eye colour, as well as our personality, should be in harmony with whatever colour(s) we choose.

Black seems to work well with most people. It is timeless and appropriate for most occasions. However, we cannot wear everything in black. I use black as a base for my collections, but always in combination with other interesting and timeless colours. I am not afraid to use the most unusual colour or texture combinations, but I always ensure that there is a harmony between them. A well-balanced colour representation that is feminine is key to me."
Source: Stephan Caras

Designer Stephan Caras (Photo: Owen McLeod for Fashion Studio Magazine)



Stephan Caras was born in Corinth, Greece, and educated in Melbourne, Australia. As a teenager, Stephan Caras immersed himself in the world of fashion and acting where he attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the Fashion Designer’s Academy of Melbourne, and the St. Martin’s Theatre School.

As a young designer, Stephan Caras’ innovative and distinctive style earned him the "Gown of the Year" award in Australia, and was the wardrobe designer for the winning contestants in the Miss Universe, Miss Queen of the Pacific, Miss Teen International, and Miss World pageants. Stephan Caras’ career includes designing with formidable fashion houses such as Guy Laroche, and Hermes in Paris.

Throughout the years, Stephan Caras has been invited to various international fashion events. He has shown his collections in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Osaka, Hong Kong, Athens, Cyprus, Toronto, and was featured at the finale of the "Igedo" opening Gala fashion show in Dusseldorf, Germany. In some of these events, Stephan Caras has shared the stage with Emanuel Ungaro, Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Zandra Rhohdes, Isaac Mizrahi, and Donna Karan.

Stephan Caras’ status as a top tier designer has recently earned him a spot in CEO World Magazine and Runway Magazine’s “List of World’s Top 20 Fashion Designers” as well as the “Top 25 Most Beloved and Inspiring Fashion Designers of the World”.

Stephan Caras’ odyssey has taken him on a journey throughout five different continents, where he has developed an international vision for design. This vision, coupled with his experience, establishes a new standard of elegance for women within his designs that are masterfully draped, well tailored, and that emphasize femininity and luxury. Stephan Caras designs for the self assured woman of today. Her subtle sensuality and feminine simplicity are never out of mind. Stephan Caras has rightfully earned the title of "the designer who loves women".
Source: stephancaras.com

* Special thank you to Owen McLeod for providing exclusive coverage from the show.

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