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Digital Fashion Week
1- 4 November 2013

Photo courtesy of Digital Fashion Week

SINGAPORE - DigitalFashionWeek is the world’s first shoppable live streaming fashion week. A joint partnership between DFW Creative, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter to bring the latest fashion to consumers in real time.

Online viewers worldwide are able to watch live #DigitalFashionWeek action such as backstage, pre/post show interviews and runway shows, and interact with #DigitalFashionWeek throughout all major social networking platforms instantly. Viewers are also able to make instant purchase off the live runway, with a delivery period of 4 to 8 weeks.

Video courtesy of Digital Fashion Week

Aligned with the four major fashion weeks’ calendar, #DigitalFashionWeek will present two seasons annually (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) in different cities, raising the profile of each city’s home-grown designers via its digital platform.

#DigitalFashionWeek Singapore debuted on 20th to 22nd October 2012, with supermodel Andrej Pejic, legendary fashion icon Patricia Field, America’s Next Top Model cycle 18 winner Sophie Sumner and China’s top fashion designer Guo Pei alongside 6 top Singapore fashion designer labels as part of the event.

#DigitalFashionWeek Bangkok and #DigitalFashionWeek Shanghai will be launching in 2014. #DigitalFashionWeek Singapore 2013 is held from 1st to 4th November 2013.
Source: DFW

Participating Designers:


Photo courtesy of Digital Fashion Week

Founded in 2009, AL&ALICIA represents the contradiction between boy and girl, and how two wardrobes can be borrowed from to create that boyish-meets-chic look.

The label is set to bring about luxury and beautiful fabrics, combined with menswear inspired structures and soft layers, to create a versatile range of comfortable and anonymously chic covetable outfits.


Founded in 2009, the label aims to bring to life the dream of making simple, meaningful and yet quality menswear accessible. The label aims to establish itself as a story telling menswear-clothing line for the modern male crowds.

At the core of Frederic Sai’s aesthetic lies the application of the designer’s abstract expression work into wearable clothes, complimented by the use of quality fabrics carefully chosen to show case the texture, colour and movement of the clothing. Every collection is embedded with stories of life the designer sees and presents it through the use of geometric shapes, colours and detailing.

The rectangular box patched works featured in most collections is based on the story of the designer himself as a presentation of coming out of his comfort zone to pursue his passion for fashion as a career despite the lack of formal educational back ground in the industry.

Within two years in the industry, the label has presented four collections namely Out of box, Inner me, Oriental cocktail party and Glamorous prisoners inspired from the simple but mostly neglected stories of today’s modern age.


IN GOOD COMPANY is a concept label that aspires to be the go-to label for modern everyday style…And quite possibly to be the simple ultimate solution to a full functioning wardrobe. Each capsule will feature definitive wardrobe classics that are crafted into modern staples with a new point of view – urban chic aesthetics at accessible price points.

The creative anchors behind IN GOOD COMPANY are Sven Tan (our tailoring whiz) and Kane Tan (our super master draper). Both armed with prestigious merits and years of industry experience under their belts, they are also co-founders of the label. This creative duo has successfully melded the simplicity of mannish clean lines with fluid femininity that is to be the signature of IN GOOD COMPANY.


Photo courtesy of Digital Fashion Week

L’ILE AUX ASHBY (pronounce as “L” “OR” “ASH” “B”) is a fashion label for the discerning urbanite; designs that will encompass three distinctive attribute – quality, detail and exclusivity. L’ILE AUX ASHBY was created by designer Rayson Tan as an outlet for him to showcase his passion for creativity. The name is actually French, meaning ‘the Island of Ashby.’ He imagines Ashby to be the muse of the brand; she is assertive and confident, she loves colours and prints as well as architecturally inspired designs. Ashby embodies everything that the brand is.

Come mid-October, L’ILE AUX ASHBY will be presenting it’s first full collection fashion show, from womenswear to menswear, as well as bags. Stay tuned!


Recently highlighted by top international style guide, Refinery29, as one of five Singapore labels on their ones-to-watch radar.

Re-imagining design and fashion, MAE PANG is a cutting-edge womenswear label with a vision that speaks to street-smart modernists and concept vultures, creating sharp threads with shape, line and colour with fabrics such as its signature mesh.

Featured in international publications such as W Korea, Italian Vogue, Surface Asia, Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore and raved by top fashion blogger Susie Lau of Style Bubble, the label has showcased at various international fashion festivals such as the Singapore Audi Fashion Festival and Seoul Fashion Week since its launch in 2009 and is currently also the official uniform wardrobe designer for W Hotels Singapore.


Androgyny meets soft geometric forms: experimenting with quirk cuts and expanding on extremely simple ideas, Max conjures up silhouettes that conceal the wearer’s form, creating a new shape altogether. Constantly exploring the relationship between the masculine and the feminine; Max designs for women with an artistic and intellectual bent. Maximizing on minimalistic ideas, proportions are sometimes blown out of proportions.

With a penchant for austere moods and inspirations, the cuts are amazingly playful. Though much attention is paid to tailoring, that skill is often put to work, conjuring up wildly avant-garde silhouettes that conceal the wearer’s form, creating a new shape altogether. And yes, much of the label’s lineup might be done in monotones, but the sobriety is usually interrupted by unexpected twists in designs. Targeted at women who understands fashion and craves for a slight edge in design, she is a minimalist who is confident and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


Photo courtesy of Digital Fashion Week

PAULINE.NING is a new emerging independent designer label that produces urban ready-to-wear feminine designer clothing with a touch of edginess, bringing together contemporary fashion and traditional hand-crafted work. Creating with the trend setter in mind, we thrive by delivering quality products and innovative fashion trends to meet the needs of the individual mind.

Naturally drawn to organic shapes and elements, gathering together contradictions, the works result in having a mix of opposites – raw and refined, structured and soft. With the ensemble of different fabrics (material, texture and colour) in one garment, minimal touches of hand-crafted detailing in the garments give a unique combination. With these intricate detailing, the garments are elaborate and statement pieces by itself.


A veteran in Singapore’s fashion industry, Thomas Wee has been designing for more than 30 years.

Thomas is recognized as a fashion designer of rare talent and is reputable for his pattern making skills. He is also respected as the “King of Jacket” for his perfectly tailored suits.

The couture designer dresses some of the most prominent stylish women in Singapore and the region, and was invited to present in Paris and Tokyo Fashion Week.

This October, Thomas will be presenting his first ever menswear collection in his career along with his womenswear collection.


YOUYOU is the brainchild of designers Jac and Zhiying. Jac has a background in fashion design, while Zhiying used to work in the Central Business District. They met when both of them landed themselves in the fashion industry and through conversations, found a lack of options for young working professionals to dress up for work, while retaining a youthful vibe and energy.

Thus, YOUYOU was born. The chinese character 双 means double, and refers to Jac and Zhiying. Also, 双is made up of the 2 individual characters, 又 (read as ‘you’), which refers to the building block that formed the basis of this label – ‘You’.

YOUYOU, is a women’s ready-to-wear line, designed with “You” in mind. YOUYOU hopes to bring forward a fresh perspective to the day-to-day wardrobe of contemporary women, with foremost focus on design, quality, and aesthetics, offering classic pieces styled with a modern twist.


Photo courtesy of Digital Fashion Week

Understated luxury dresses that play on the juxtaposition of drapery and edginess, which will exude the silhouette and confidence of the wearer. Every piece is a new outcome; no two dresses are exactly the same.

Zen Chi made his first dress at the young age of 16. He shortly became a professional hair and makeup artist working on numerous editorials and commercials before venturing into fashion styling. Filled with inspiration and revisiting his childhood passion, all it took was one dress in 2009 and the label ZENCHI was born.
Source: DFW

More designers: THE SHOWROOM SPACE

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