Friday, January 3, 2014


By Lisa Doherty

A New Year: A New Beauty Routine

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Still looking for a New Year’s resolution? Well look no further than your face. Losing weight and going to the gym for two months are not the only ways that you can improve your body and overall confidence. Why not improve and renew your beauty routine? It will make your skin healthier, give you an extra glow and make you feel more radiant than ever. Here are a few ways you can make 2014 a successful, fun, healthier year.

Wash your face before bed: We are all guilty of it; going to bed with our makeup on, or at least some of it. It is so important to clean your face in order to prevent breakouts and bacterial infections. And although you may not notice it now, those clogged pores and dry skin cells will show up in the future when you least expect it. 

Use an oil free makeup remover: Makeup removers that contain oil leave residue and makeup on your face. Oil free makeup removers have been proven to remove more makeup and do not make your skin feel greasy.

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Use skin products that contain SPF: Protection from the sun is a great way to keep your skin healthy. Foundations and powders can offer good coverage, however, they definitely do not protect you from sun damage unless they contain sun screen. Try using a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

Use mineral products: Mineral makeup is just as good as any other type of makeup without all of the chemicals and additives. These products can be found in all of the major beauty stores as well as some drug stores. A great way to incorporate these products into your makeup bag is to slowly wean off of any harmful items you may have. When something runs out, replace it with its mineral counterpart.

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Clean your brushes: I bet you are all thinking... ”When was the last time I cleaned my makeup brushes?” For some of you the answer is probably that you never have. This is a major host for bacteria. Your brushes can simply be cleaned with soap and water, or shampoo, and then left out on a towel to dry over night. Experts recommend cleaning your brushes at least once a month.

Buy some good brushes: Often times it is not the product you are using, but how you apply the makeup that makes all the difference. The tools you use are more important than the makeup itself. Check out my article It’s All In The Brushes for more info on which tools may be good for you.

Lisa Doherty 
Makeup Artist

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