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Press Release

IM Intermoda
14 - 17 January 2014

Photo courtesy of IM Intermoda

IM Intermoda is the most important event in the Fashion Industry in Mexico, with its headquarters in Guadalajara, Jalisco. It has 30 years of business development, and it is consolidated as the most important exponent of the Latin American design trends.

IM Intermoda performs two annual editions in January and July, in which gathers more than 23,000 potential buyers and 950 exhibitors in its 40,000 m2 of exhibition ground, thus creating a completely suitable space to generate contacts and strengthening the network between suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers of small and large businesses. It has a great position as the best option of global competition, as well as a sales guarantee and it ensures the increase of competitive advantages for the participants.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada AW 2010/2011, IM Intermoda (Photo courtesy of the designer)

In addition, breaking through the international competition, it automatically leads its exhibitors on the same way, providing them a realistic possibility of success across borders, expecting the opening of businesses in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Chile, USA, India, and others.

IM Intermoda grows every day having a complete program, full of conferences and runways; these complements enrich the picture of what is globally happening in the industry, trends, and implementation of marketing strategies in order to reach the international ranking.

Join IM Intermoda as an exhibitor or buyer, and establish long-term business relations, and enjoy the different areas with specific approaches, such as strengthening the networking, the promotion of new talents and the anticipated trends. Welcome!

Source: IM Intermoda

Previous Editions:

Photos courtesy of IM Intermoda

Photos courtesy of IM Intermoda

Photos courtesy of IM Intermoda

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