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By Eva Fydrych

O'Bazzië Classics

Photo courtesy of O'Bazzië Classics

O'Bazzië Classics offers simple, well-designed and classic leather accessories with a timeless fashion personality. The brand was founded in January 2013 by Ebenezer Obasiolu. The philosophy behind creating O'Bazzië Classics was deeply rooted in Ebenezer's personal story. His aim for the future is securing an education for impoverished school children around the world, starting with Africa.

"Being from West Africa, I have been exposed to an enormous flavor of very diverse cultures, so therefore the cultural influence in the design and structure of O’Bazzië Satchels makes them unique and sought-after fashion accessories." - says the founder.

Leather satchels come in a variety of colors and are designed for both men and women. They have classic structure, contemporary feel, and beautifully crafted details. Our favorite satchel (pictured above) features one of the most fashionable colors of 2014 – PANTONE Color of the Year. We predict it will become an instant hit among bloggers and fashionistas around the world.

What we like about O'Bazzië Classics:

  • simple and functional design 
  • fabulous colors 
  • good quality

The official launch of O'Bazzië Classics is planned for Spring 2014. Stay tuned!

Photo courtesy of O'Bazzië Classics


Ebenezer Obasiolu

Occupation: Fashion Designer
City: Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

FASHION STUDIO: What do you consider your biggest challenge so far?

EBENEZER: O'Bazzië Classics is a new brand being launch in Spring 2014, so therefore attaining exposure in the fashion industry, for our products and the message of 'Fashion x Humanity' behind our brand, is a challenge that we have decided to tackle. This challenge is normal for every new venture so we welcome it and are working towards garnering attention about the message of incorporating fashion and humanity in the fashion sector, in order to reshape our world.

FASHION STUDIO: Who do you design for? Who is your target customer?

EBENEZER: As an artist, I can design and structurize for any demographic. However, the target market for the O'Bazzië Satchels are active, laid-back and fashion-minded millennial generation between the ages of 13 and 30; they take the simplest trends and make it their signature. These fashion-minded consumers represent a demographic group of students and young adults; they are in-touch with the media and pop culture around the world. Regardless of their age (whether they fall at the upper or lower end of the target range), they live active lifestyles. They are somewhat status-oriented, but not overly so. O'Bazzië consumers tend to gravitate towards fashion brands that enhance their personality and stand for similar values.

FASHION STUDIO: Which aspects of African culture influenced your work?

EBENEZER: Being African, every aspect of my culture influenced and inspired my work. The most important aspect of the African culture that influenced me the most is the implementation of very simple mechanisms to derive a workable result. In the African society, where certain resources are limited, the people work with whatsoever is in their means (which are usually the most basic resources ever) to solve major problems in the society. Basically, simplicity as a means to attaining a working result. All in all, simplicity as a means to attaining a substantial result is the major aspect of the African culture that influenced my work. Then again, there is the Music, Poetry, bright and elegant African fashion constructs which played a major part as well.

FASHION STUDIO: What is your personal definition of fashion?

EBENEZER: As an Engineering student and a Fashion Designer, I think about fashion in terms of structures. Therefore, I don't define fashion. It is a component of style. For the sake of this interview, I would say fashion is the incorporation of an undying style and a good spirit.

African fashion (Photo courtesy of Ross Garrett)

FASHION STUDIO: What would you like to achieve in the fashion industry? 

EBENEZER: Our mission statement in O'Bazzië Classics is "to enhance a unique fashion experience while carving a signature and securing an educational future for children." In the fashion industry, I would like to achieve that mission statement. Most importantly, I hope that will also motivate other brands (big or small brands) to choose a major world problem and create a positive, firsthand difference in areas where those problems are prevalent.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you and good luck with all your plans!


  1. Can't wait for their launch soon too! :) Nice feature :)


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