Sunday, February 16, 2014


By Lynda Castonguay

Industry Mix & Mingle at Osteria dei Ganzi
4 February 2014

Photo courtesy of Osteria dei Ganzi

TORONTO - On February 4th, Karyzma Agency hosted an informal get together at Italian eatery Osteria dei Ganzi for the launch of Noir Nation #3, a book of international crime fiction short stories, essays and author interviews. This issue's theme: India - a colourful land of versatile plot lines to give readers something exotic but true to the core of crime fiction.

Delicious Hpnotik and Pama cocktails complimented the evening, as did Ganzi's hors d'hoeuvres. But it was the conversations among the guests that truly lit up the evening. After briefly talking with contributing author Rob Brunet, I had to confess to him that crime fiction wasn't really my taste - "I love romance novels where I can fall in love with the main character", I said to him. We shared a laugh.

Photo courtesy of Noir Nation

The thing with writers is regardless of what we write about - I write fashion, he writes crime fiction - we get along by simple virtue of each enjoying stringing words together to create an experience. Rob is very passionate about whatever he puts in print, as am I, and it is for this reason that I promote the book.

For more information on Noir Nation #3 and where to buy it, please visit their website -

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