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5 Celebrity Styles with a Blazer

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I never knew what to do with a blazer when it came up and danced before me. They just looked so formal - it seemed like office wear for someone who had then still been a student. 

But then as I came across more types of blazer styles, I started seriously reconsidering my stance on this particular outerwear. From printed to sequined, coloured to monochromatic, there are so many ways to wear a blazer that doesn't scream office lady. 

So I got started on my collection and went to shop for blazers online, but not before I studied how these five stylish celebs worked theirs: 

1. Blake Lively

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Go monochrome a la Blake Lively, who took on the menswear trend with a Smythe blazer and slim-cut jeans. Yes, this look is pretty professional looking, but Blake managed to tame down the go-getter look with jeans, a tank top and loose wavy hair. The effect is smart, feminine and sexy.

2. Jessica Alba

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How much do I love this outfit! From that floral-print blazer juxtaposed with her white t-shirt and cobalt jeans, this simple outfit of blazer, jeans, and tee is given a current twist with cool details like the slimming black stripe down the side of her jeans, which matches the black lapels of her blazer. 

And Jessica is obviously a fan of printed blazers, because she has one in pink too!

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The printed blazer appears again here, paired with baggy boyfriend jeans that keep things laidback, and gold-capped pumps and sleek black top that add some sophistication. It's off-duty fashion at its best.

3. Eva Longoria

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Coloured blazers are a great way to jazz up an outfit while keeping things crisp and polished. I love how Eva kept to a colour scheme with her tan Hermes bag, brown strappy Brian Atwood Encanta heels, and white ensemble of skinny jeans and a tank top, letting the blazer do all the talking.

4. Rachel Bilson

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The queen of casual chic does it again, amping up a simple t-shirt and jeans combo with a navy sequined jacket. The loose, oversized cut of the blazer tempers the bling, while black pumps pull the look together. This "hybrid" jacket, which has lapels that classify it as a blazer but is slouchy enough to be a cardigan, is the versatile enough to dress up a simple outfit like Rachel's, and dress down a more formal gown.

5. Kristen Stewart

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Aside from her personal life, Kristen Stewart is also known for her edgy, unconventional style. In true KStew style, this look - loose Roberto Cavalli silk blazer paired with a white t-shirt, leather leggings and stacked rings - is edgy and fresh. Plus, how rock 'n' roll is that hair! Braided back on one side, it totally toughens up the feminine fabric of the blazer.

Thanks, ladies! I have so many ideas to wear a blazer now!


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