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5 Jeans Every Girl Should Own

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I think I'm not alone in my struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans for my shape. Finding the right jeans takes lots of luck and determination, trial and error (more errors than I would like), but when you do find a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly, you've pretty much got your entire outfit down pat.

But as much as you wish to live in that one pair of jeans, wouldn't it more fun if you diversified your look and experimented with other trends? Here are 5 jeans every girl should own, IMHO:

1. Skinny

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The original face of heroin chic, Kate Moss brought skinny jeans into the spotlight when she first stepped out in it in the mid-2000's. 

A lot of girls think they can't wear skinny jeans because they're not, you know, Kate Moss. But if worn right, skinny jeans are incredibly versatile and can be one of the most flattering pairs of jeans you can own. Dress for your shape and size. You might not have twiggy legs like Moss, but you might have a curvy bottom, which you can totally work to your advantage with high back pockets and dark wash denim. It's all about balancing out your proportions.

2. Flared

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Oh, Karlie. The fashion chameleon doesn't even have to try. With that simple striped top and flared jeans, she channels Parisian chic with ease. 

Not of supermodel proportions? Take notes from Sofia Vergara, who has been pretty vocal about her love for flared jeans. By pairing her jeans with stilettos and a simple black top to streamline her voluptuous figure, the Columbian bombshell is all kinds of urban chic here.

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3. Ripped

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Ripped jeans aren't necessarily always hoochie. Worn right, they are more laidback than sloppy. Megan Fox totally nailed it with her slim-cut white jeans, heels, a simple black tank top and a dark vest. Her trademark aviator shades completes the smart casual look. I am madly in love with her effortlessly sexy ensemble here.

However. Please don't do a Kim K and don an indecisive pair of jeans like this.

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Sorry, Kim. Your sister Khloe did it way better this time. There's a fine line between stylish and ridiculous. Proceed with caution.

4. Boyfriend

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Hart of Dixie star Rachel Bilson is an established trendsetter these days, known for her wearable laidback style. Those boyfriend jeans (ripped too!) look comfy enough to live in. A chic pair of clogs lends character, while a fitted dark blazer adds structure. Keep things simple with a plain white tee if you're going ripped.

5. Coloured

Coloured jeans are such a fun, easy way to brighten up your look. I'm a fan of brights and pastels, so coloured jeans are a definite Do in my book.

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Well, Jessica Alba is obviously a fan. So are Pippa Middleton and Cameron Diaz

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Such an instant moodlifter, don't you think?
Now go find that perfect pair of jeans for yourself. I'm off to find mine!


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