Sunday, August 3, 2014


By Lynda Castonguay

Synergy Made Them Do It
Sully Wong’s HOPE Sneaker for ONEXONE

Photo courtesy of Sully Wong (Click to enlarge)

TORONTO - In the world of Sully Wong one times one equals infinity. It defies the mathematical principal because when footwear designers George Sully and Henry Wong partnered up with not-for-profit organization ONEXONE, their one charitable endeavour in the form of one unisex sneaker multiplied the efforts to rebuild a hospital in Haiti and multiplied the number of children aided by the Million Meals Movement.

A one of a kind sneaker exclusively for their organization was never in ONEXONE’s plans. They approached Sully Wong and kindly asked if they would share a percentage of proceeds from the sale of an existing Sully Wong shoe. Well, kindness did prevail. Sully Wong saw their offer and raised them The HOPE Sneaker, an androgynous limited edition design with a duck canvas exterior in ONEXONE’s red and white colours, and committed 50% of the sale proceeds towards ONEXONE.

Photo by Lynda Castonguay

Having now met the designers, I’m not surprised at their charitable leap for ONEXONE. From their hellos to their handshakes and to our banter, their authenticity was palpable. George, Henry and Angie Camara from ONEXONE spoke highly of one another and explained that their collaboration was out of a mutual respect and adoration for the other’s work and initiative as well as similar brand philosophies.

Joelle Berdugo-Atler, founder of ONEXONE, holds the men in high regard “I have always encouraged everyone to leverage their business for good [...] George and Henry’s sneaker is a prime example of their commitment to creating ‘good’ with their incredible talent and creativity. We are so proud and honoured to be collaborating with Sully Wong”.

Photo by Lynda Castonguay

The HOPE Sneaker was first sold at the Brad J. Lamb King West Block Party on July 19th and whatever number of sneakers left of the 360 limited edition pairs are now available for purchase at the Sully Wong online store. For 150$ you’re doing so much more than buying a shoe. You are investing in quality. You are supporting Canadian talent. You are lending a hand in the rebuilding of Haiti. You are buying stock in the Pediatric Wing at the Mirebalais Hospital. You are providing a meal for a child. You are wearing help. You are wearing heart. You are wearing hope. 

To read up on ONEXONE, visit

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