Sunday, October 26, 2014


By Lynda Castonguay

WMCFW - Day 4

Matthew Gallagher SS 2015 (Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images)

Matthew Gallagher

Who: Curly haired Italian trained womenswear designer who should be recognized for more than his humongous talent, but for how he kissed his mother’s cheek after his show. He’s about the only designer that kidnaps all my senses every time. His shows are more than just shows - they’re experiences. 

What: The first look was a flared skirt dress with sleeves in a cream tinsel fabric. Everything after that struck me just as hard. A thought provoking, emotionally stirring collection in white, cream, black, bubble gum pink and baby blue cascading the runway to the sounds of orchestral remixes of modern pop songs. Silk, chiffon and tinsel knit, subdued pink pattern, filter pleats, raw ends, oversized coats, wide lapels, 3/4 sleeves, body conscious gowns, high waisted and full bodied skirts.

Why: Matthew Gallagher opened the show with a time lapsed video of a rose wilting - the exact opposite of the spring renewal he worked with for the collection. The pinks and creams represented life and the black perhaps the doom that so easily creeps up on us in fall. The lines were simple but never dull. He is painstakingly meticulous - a coat lapel sewn into the sleeve seam is a prime example of his attention to detail. It was extravagant, enchanting and opulent - an aesthetic that runs deep through Matthew’s veins. It was a modern day Pride & Prejudice.

Matthew Gallagher SS 2015

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images


Who: Canadian cool veteran outerwear label lead by Evik Asatoorian since 1994. 

What: For the modern athlete, there were draw string coats and shorts, hooded zip-ups, runner shorts, mesh tops and cover ups, sun hats, baseball varsity jackets, flat fanny pacs, leather pac sacs, some metallic, hem banding, motto jackets, vests, jumpsuits, contrast sleeves, elbow and shoulder leather patches, and chevron stripes - everything in variations of red, black, grey, and navy. 

Speaking with lead makeup artist for Maybelline, Grace Lee, the beauty look for the show was a reflection of this athletic nature of the collection. Redken’s slicked back hair was coupled with minimal foundation, a full brow, barely there neutral cream eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes, and a matte nude lip.

Why: The collection was a contemporary day on the court followed up with a stylish ride on a motorbike. It was a unisex compilation beautifully sporty all the while organically Rudsak.

Today’s Trends: Cream is still the colour of the moment. Varsity jackets in Rudsak are still pushing that trend. Oversized coats with these great big, commanding collars and lapels are another thing of the upcoming season.

Rudsak SS 2015

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images

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