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Emma Watson

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As the face of Lancome, Emma Watson is no stranger to the plethora of beauty tips, tricks, and looks that keep her looking flawless all the time. The Brown University graduate, who starred in a little cult phenomenon called Harry Potter (perhaps you've heard of it), has become a red carpet darling with her daring, edgy, yet classy looks. 

Whether she's dressed in a resplendent ball gown with a slicked back pixie cut and dramatic cat eye makeup, or cigarette trousers with a bold red lip, the brainy beauty has got it down pat. And a major contributing factor to her fabulous looks? Her makeup. 

In love with her style? With the right makeup, you can channel Emma Watson's best beauty looks too. Here are 5 of them I adore:

1. That Edgy Noir One

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Usually seen in sweet, classic outfits with fresh, nude makeup to match, Emma went for a radically different look here at the movie premiere of Noah in Madrid. She killed it with this edgy yet polished monochromatic ensemble, made all the more dramatic and sexy with rich berry lips, soft smoky eyes, her trademark bold brows, and side-swept hair.

2. That One With the Red Lip

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Emma's look is perfection here at the Roses By… Lancome Pre-BAFTA party, with bright, awake eyes, a gentle flush in her cheeks, and an outstanding red pout. Her slicked-back hair puts all the attention on her flawless face, while her lips is the perfect complement to her red lace dress. Lancome's make-up artist Amanda Grossman reveals how she created the look on Emma: "Sassy glamorous with a sexy edge. Keeping the eyes simple but edgy with gorgeous, standout red lips." 

3. That Smokey-Eye One

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Aside from standout lips, I'm also fan of smokey eye makeup. But you can't have both looks on the same face, of course. So while the previous look was all about the lips, this one directs all the attention to her pretty peepers. With lined eyes, two coats of mascara, and black eyeshadow smudged across the eyelids, Emma's look is sexy and alluring. Do as she does with bold brows and nude lips to keep the attention on the eyes. Her gold embellished dress also brings out her ombre highlights and deepens the drama in her eyes.

4. That One With the Orange Lippie

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Orange lipstick is one of the most popular spring/summer 2014 trends, and little wonder. The punchy hue is a quick way to brighten up a look with minimal fuss. Many celebrities rocked the orange lipstick, and Emma was no exception. Here she is in a staid-looking black dress and braided updo. But her coral pout and apricot blush warmed up her look and brought a little colour to a very mature looking getup.

5. That One With the Doe Eyes

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Still my favourite Emma Watson look, the sweet doe-eyed makeup makes her look a hundred times more approachable and down-to-earth. In this spring-ready getup, complete with a pastel pink dress and wispy locks, Emma looks like every bit like her twenty-four-year-old self. The key to this look is natural-looking makeup. Don't load on too much bronzer or highlight! Instead, just define your features: eyebrow fillers, a coat or two of mascara, matte lipstick, and maybe a little bit of shimmer on the eyes. Perfection.

6. That Perfect Nude One

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There is not enough words to describe how perfect this picture of her is. In a simple white halter gown, Emma chose to let her natural beauty speak for itself, going for a simple yet stunning nude look. Aside from that faint coral pout, Emma is pretty much barefaced here. Like with all the best beauty looks, porcelain skin is the best asset you can have. Makeup should enhance, not distract from your beauty. Make one feature stand out, and you'll be able to wow the crowd just as well, if not better.

Which of Emma Watson's beauty looks are YOUR favourite? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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