Wednesday, March 4, 2015


By Eva Fydrych

Tribe At Work
Fashionable Watches

Nanoblocktime Snow White (Photo courtesy of Tribe At Work)

Watches are making a huge comeback into the fashion world! They are no more a simple timekeeping device but an indispensable fashion accessory that can really enhance your outfit.

Italian design agency Tribe At Work - founded by two friends, Mauro and Flavio - offers unique and ultra-modern products at affordable prices. Our personal favourite, the Nanoblocktime watch is made entirely of Nanoblocks (little building blocks launched on the Japanese market by Kawada Co. Ltd in 2008).

This funky watch gives you the possibility to create your own custom design: you can choose the colour of the base structure and add different coloured straps. All Nanoblock watches are completely modifiable to allow you to express your own style, mood, or the creativity of the moment.

"Nanoblock has found a way to bring colour to your day and help you enjoy yourself for a few minutes with a simple playful gesture which becomes at the same time a strong style choice."

Nanoblocktime Pink Lady (Photo courtesy of Tribe At Work)


Another great product, Alchemist Can Watch, combines craftmanship and production with social innovation, using the available resources to create innovative and creative projects. Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award (Best of the Best 2013), this trendy watch is a must-have accessory for every fashionista!

“The CAN WATCH fascinates with a clear and purist language of form, as well as the idea of turning a part of an otherwise easily disposable simple soda can into a highly significant design. This watch imparts a very modern look. In addition, it also expresses social awareness and thus is particularly appealing to its youthful target market.” (Source: Statement by the Red Dot jury)


Alchemist Can Watch is made of readily available recycled materials (soda cans) using them to their full potential and transforming them in unusual ways. Every watch is a perfect blend of sustainability and innovation.

Aluminum case is made with two bottoms of cans; leather band is enriched with coloured seams. Besides material, the innovation lies in how it works. The Can Watch may be opened like a bottle: you just rotate the dial if you need to adjust the time or to replace the battery. 

The success of this product proves the bright future and endless possibilities for sustainable product design. Highly recommended! 

Can Watch Coke Red (Photo courtesy of Tribe At Work)


"Tribe At Work has a meaning related to the etymology of the word tribe, which means a united human society from a communal factor which is part of the world and community.

The world is in fact just one big tribe where creativity become the best way to confront life. What we aim to do is in fact this; discovering, observing and searching in the most hidden corners all the elements which will one day become united as if by magic. They will then become an element which is missing from our lives. To do this we listen to people’s needs and the questions which we all ask, trying to make the answer flexible. (...) Our strategy is to bring nearer what is far away."
Source: Tribe At Work

Photo courtesy of Tribe At Work

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