Friday, April 24, 2015


By Lynda Castonguay

TFI Does Brunch with SS&Co

Photos courtesy of SS&Co (Click to enlarge)

Bright eyed and bushy tailed was Katherine Phan, owner and designer of Simple Smiles & Co, as she stood head to toe in her knit creations. If I was hot in my short sleeved wool sweater, she was most certainly overheating beyond comfort. But you wouldn’t be able to tell what with her overall enthusiasm and pride for her craft. 

SS&Co is a Toronto based hand knitting company whose humble beginnings date back to a young Ms. Phan simply sharing a hobby with her mother, a trained seamstress. With enough gumption, plenty of hands on experience and her mother’s expertise, Ms. Phan left architecture and urban planning to turn her pass time into a business.

With mother in tow, SS&Co started out as an accessories line but has since expanded into larger knit items such as capes and cardigans with its Evergreen collection:

“I have had lots of time to develop and get comfortable with my craft. After three collections of accessories it felt like a good time to explore new challenges and give my customers something different. Evergreen represents development and a new chapter in my knitting journey.”

True North Arctic Band (Photo courtesy of SS&Co)

Soft to the touch and beautiful to the eye, SS&Co puts care and passion into every hand stitch. There is human touch in every piece and a story to go along with it, like the Heart Attack Cowl, a scarf that got its name after Katherine’s mother, slightly stressed, said she was going to have a heart attack knitting that particular cowl.

In soft hues and darker outdoorsy shades, your winter essentials are hand made with luscious yarns perfectly knitted to a machine’s perfection. Quality and craftsmanship visibly breathe life into their creations as the knits bounce back into place after you handle them. At a time when we welcome warmer weather with open and anxious arms, everything about SS&Co makes you want it to be winter again.

Formal Rebellion (Photo courtesy of SS&Co)

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