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3 Perfect Fall Looks
Fresh, Cozy, & Crisp 

Long sleeve maxi dress (Photo courtesy of

Fall is one of our favorite seasons! Not only is it the perfect blend of summer and winter, but somehow fall has it special feel to it. If we had to describe fall in three words, it’d be: fresh, cozy, and crisp. Fall is a great time for change, as it is not only a time that the weather transforms its colors and feel, but your closet slowly makes it shift towards longer blouses, sweaters, and of course some statement fall dresses

As fall quickly approaches, we have chosen some ideal, stylish, and of course comfortable looks for you to follow and match! It is all about comfort, color, and convenience in fall, so make sure you layer yourself well, and yet appear fashionable without too much effort. 

In the infographic below, we have chosen three of our favorite fall collection items, and matched it with different accessories and shoes for a perfect fall look! Each look is different from one another and thus we believe that our fall collection is extremely versatile and evergreen as it can be worn for different purposes and even to different events whether it is casual or formal. 

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The first look is the traditional modern chic fall look, where you have knee high boots paired with denim and a slightly oversized sweater! This first look can be worn by women of all ages and shape, it is flattering for all, and extremely stylish!

The second look is a great look for a women looking for a more formal and elegant look, it is also a great way to wear a long sleeve maxi dress while having it look appropriate for the season. With this look, we recommend for you to closely look at the color choices. Not to mention this an ideal working woman look that is easy to pair together and still keep you warm! 

The third look is definitely more chic and stylish. This is an ideal look for the early month of fall, as it is a mini dress! We absolutely love the combo of a mini dress with high boots! It is the right amount of skin showing, sexy, and yet easy to wear! Make sure to include high socks in your boots so you are well warmed and comfortable.

All in all these three looks are extremely versatile, easy to wear and chic, make sure to pick these items up for the season as it will have you looking stylish, fashionable, and yet keeping yourself comfortable!

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