Sunday, February 7, 2016


By Inside Retail Asia

H&M launches Year of the Monkey range

Chinese supermodel Liu Wen (Photo courtesy of H&M)

To mark the arrival of the Year of the MonkeyH&M has introduced an apparel collection of more than 30 pieces combining contemporary style with an Oriental hint.

For both men and women – and, for the first time, for children – the collection has strong palettes of red, such as a kimono jacket, a flared dress and a tasselled skirt. The new styles have been modelled by Siwon Choi and Liu Wen, and are exclusively available in nine Asian markets from January 21 – China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and The Philippines.

Lunar New Year is a rare time of the year where we have the opportunity to dress up and catch up with our loved ones,” says Siwon Choi. “The H&M menswear collection is a fun and modern interpretation suitable for the joyous occasion.”

Photo courtesy of H&M

“I love how the collection goes beyond the typical festive wardrobe by adding in a combination of modern silhouettes, ethnic details and a variety of lively prints,” says Liu Wen.

From a sequined top to the fun monkey printed sweater, the range offers women a touch of individuality, while the menswear has a variation of monkey prints, from T-shirts and sweaters to dress shirts. For the children, the collection features a tutu skirt and a sequined hearts print cardigan in bright red.

Taking inspiration from ancient Chinese coinage and lanterns, a playful graphic has been specially designed for H&M’s shopping bags and red packets. Meanwhile, the company’s Facebook accounts are offering customers a specially designed Chinese New Year online game with a chance to win prizes.

Photos courtesy of H&M

Photos courtesy of H&M

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